Friday, February 3, 2017

Radney Foster Unveils Plans For Sycamore Creek Album and Book

Artist: Radney Foster
Album (and accompanying book): Sycamore Creek
Release date: September 2017
Kickstarter campaign SOURCE

Here at That Nashville Sound, we rarely post details on Kickstarter or PledgeMusic campaigns unless we feel strongly about the artist or the project involved. This is one of those times. Radney Foster's good friend Jack Ingram let us know yesterday of this new project that's on the horizon for one of country music's most celebrated songwriters and this combination album with book of short stories sounds fascinating to say the least.

Singer songwriter Radney Foster has been telling stories professionally for over 35 years. His songs have reached over 50 million people, whether through his own hits ("Crazy Over You," "Just Call Me Lonesome," "Nobody Wins," "Texas in 1880" and "Angel Flight") or those he wrote that became hits for others (Keith Urban's "Raining On Sunday," Sara Evans, "A Real Fine Place To Start," The Dixie Chicks "GodSpeed" and a host of others).

2016 saw him expanding his definition of storytelling. Along with songwriting and performing, he began acting (in the upcoming feature film "Beauty Mark," and onstage at the Alliance Theatre in "Troubadour.") He also began writing short fiction, taking his focus from 3 minute songs and diving deeper into each story. His new project is a collection of songs, each with a short story to go with it. The stories are not a retelling of the songs, but rather a companion piece. According to the campaign, "Sometimes they are based on the storyline, sometimes just on something the lyrics touch on. Often the song talks about what the characters were feeling at the time."

Tentative track listing:


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