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TNS Video History- Johnny Cash's "Delia's Gone"

The cabin that the late Johnny and June Carter Cash built in Hendersonville, Tenn was where Johnny began collaborating with producer Rick Rubin for a series of mostly acoustic albums. Rubin simply captured Johnny singing and strumming in his living room. The Man in Black wound up with this scary Anton Corbijn video for “Delia’s Gone.” Watch it below…

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51 Years Later, A Hank Williams Penned Tune Sees Its First Light Of Day

The story behind the song began when Glenn Tubbs was approached in 1958 by Hank's first wife, Audrey, who told him that she had found some old lyrics of Hanks that he never finished writing. She asked Glenn, who was a big fan of Hanks, to finish writing the lyrics and to come up with a Hank Williams’ style melody for the song.

Although Glenn was young at the time, he had already written songs for Johnny Cash, Kitty Wells, Ernest Tubb, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and others. George Jones had just taken two of Glenn's songs to record. But the main reasons Audrey chose Glenn were because she knew that Glenn sang a lot of Hank's songs on his personal appearances and that he would probably come closer to finishing the song as Hank would have wanted.

Glenn waited until he had written more songs for Johnny Cash, George Jones, Bob Dylan, Tammy Wynette, Tennessee Ernie and many others before he attempted to finish writing the song Hank had started. In 1974, he was living in Tucson, Arizona, when he completed the song and mailed it to Acuff-Rose, Hank's publisher.

He sent them a copy of the original Hank Williams lyrics along with a demo of the song. They had the handwriting checked by a hand writing expert, who concluded that it was indeed Hank William's handwriting.

In June of 1974, Fred Rose Music issued a publishing contract on the song, showing the writers as Hank Williams and Glenn D. Tubb.

Before Glenn moved back to Nashville, Audrey died in November of 1975. He doesn't know if Audrey ever heard the finished product. After Glenn returned to Nashville, he went to Acuff-Rose and had a meeting about the song. Because of some disagreements, the song was essentially buried until now.

Glenn met Jennifer Brantley in August of this year at a guitar pull dinner party in Nashville. After Jennifer heard the song and Glenn heard her voice, it was decided that Jennifer should record the song.

Jennifer, a singer and an award winning songwriter, favors vintage country music. A few years ago, Bil VornDick, a producer with numerous Grammy credits to his name (including Alison Kraus, Bela Fleck, Ralph Stanley), heard Jennifer sing at a Nashville club. The two met a couple of times and soon after Bil produced her CD, Break Down, released September 4, 2006.

It was broadcast on over 153 radio stations and has received radio airplay worldwide, on both country and Americana stations. You can listen to the song HERE.

She has won two awards from Billboard’s World Songwriting Contests. Her Myspace page has amassed over 20,000 fans. One of her songs recently reached # 6 on New Music Weekly’s Up and Coming country radio charts. Jennifer has appeared as a guest on the second longest running radio show, “Ernest Tubb’s Midnight Jamboree,” and several times on the world famous station, WSM 650 AM, this past year.

She appears with country legend Razzy Bailey on his latest CD, “I’m a Damn Good Time.”

“Heartbroken Forsaken and Alone” can be downloaded on her website: through SNOCAP . It will be available on itunes and Amazon in mid December.

New Reckless Kelly Album Coming In February 2010

Reckless Kelly will be releasing Somewhere in Time on February 9, 2010 via Yep Roc Records. On their third self-produced record, the band returns to its roots incorporating the "hardcore cowboy songs" of legend and fellow Idaho native, Pinto Bennett.

“While this is Pinto’s material, this is very much a Reckless Kelly record,” explains vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Cody Braun. “It’s simply a bunch of great songs we wanted people to hear.” His brother Willy Braun continues, “I think this time we did again what we always set out to do which is to make a record we can be proud of.”

You can hear the first single of the album HERE.

Somewhere in Time is filled with songs that have special meaning to Willy and Cody Braun, who grew up on the music of the Famous Motel Cowboys and the timeless lyrics of Pinto Bennett. Pinto was an inspiration to Willy, Cody and the band in many ways, musically and otherwise, and they felt it was time to recognize Pinto’s music while making the material very much their own. Along with bandmates, David Abeyta on lead guitar who co-produced the album, Jay Nazz on drums, and Chris Schelske on bass, Reckless Kelly explores their country influences and introduces Bennett's music to a new generation of fans while placing their indelible, rock-edged stamp on it.

Debut single, “Best Forever Yet,” will be released to radio in early 2010. The single speaks of the complicated heartache associated with losing love that wasn't right but there hasn't been better:

I use to think that yesterday we knew how to spend the time
Then I found out it was her way of killing hers and wasting mine
I know that I should tell her all her tears are gonna get her is wet
But you know I can’t cause she’s the best forever yet

Thus, showing Pinto’s lyrics resonate over time and across gender lines and genres.

This release follows the success of 2008’s Bulletproof which broke into the Billboard 200 and crested in the top 25 on the Billboard Country Albums chart Reckless Kelly’s biggest seller. It also contains their first #1 radio hit “Ragged as the Road,” (Texas and AMA charts) and earned them a nomination as Best Band or Duo at the 2009 Americana Music Awards.

For more information on the band and tour schedule, please visit

FREE Music Alert- Lost Highway Records Offers Free Album Through Amazon

Lost Highway Sampler: T For Texas T From Tennessee is FREE on through the end of November. The album contains great music from Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Ryan Bingham, Hayes Carll, Robert Earl King, and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears. The FREE album can be found HERE.

Reba's Performance From The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Reba's 2009 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade performance singing "Strange" from yesterday's big event in New York...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kicking Off The Official Holiday Season With Kellie Pickler

Okay, it's late on Thanksgiving Day. You're laying in a turkey induced coma on your bed or sofa and wondering if it was that wise to have that third helping of stuffing and potatoes. All of us elves at That Nashville Sound are busy getting ready for the official start of the holiday Christmas season for tomorrow. And as an early start, we've found this great new video by Kellie Pickler singing "Santa Baby." Only 29 days to go...

Johnny Cash's "Thanksgiving Prayer"

One more Thanksgiving video for today- Johnny Cash's "Thanksgiving Prayer"...

Happy Thanksgiving From That Nashville Sound

From our family to yours- we wish you the very best holiday filled with friends, family and food. The holiday reminds us at That Nashville Sound to thank all of our loyal readers for their faithful readership. Our viewership and subscription continues to go up each and every month and we thank everyone for sharing this beautiful thing called music with us.

As a little tie-in to the holiday, I found this great song off of The Eagles' Don Henley last solo album called "My Thanksgiving." This live performance is terrific.

Now the trouble with you and me, my friend
Is the trouble with this nation
Too many blessings, too little appreciation
And I know that kind of notion—well, it just ain't cool
So send me back to Sunday school
Because I'm tired of waiting for reason to arrive
It's too long we've been living
These unexamined lives

I've got great expectations
I've got family and friends
I've got satisfying work
I've got a back that bends
For every breath, for every day of living
This is my Thanksgiving

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T-Minus Two Months For Brand New Lady Antebellum Album

Lady Antebellum has just released the cover art for their upcoming sophomore album "Need You Now"- set to be released January 26th. We posted the video for the title track when it came out, be we'll include it again for good measure...

Listen To Steve Martin Live Here At That Nashville Sound

With his first bluegrass album, The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo, comedic genius Steve Martin reveals another side of his talent. One of the most successful stand-up comedians of the '70s — and a major movie star ever since — Martin is quite familiar with fame and sold-out performances. These days, though, he's capturing crowds not with his jokes, but with his banjo. He did an interview and performed for National Public Radio this week with the Steep Canyon Rangers and NPR has been kind enough to allow us to stream the sound file here at That Nashville Sound.

Tracy Lawrence's Good Deed A Huge Success

Earlier this morning, we posted a story on today's Mission Possible Nashville Rescue Mission hosted by Tracy Lawrence. Lawrence, along with his entire staff (road crew, band and administrative personnel), some famous friends, members of his church congregation, local media and volunteers from the Nashville Rescue Mission joined together yesterday (Tuesday, November 24, 2009) to lend a hand at the 4th Annual Tracy Lawrence Mission Possible. Held for the benefit of the Nashville Rescue Mission, the group of over 100 fried-up turkeys for the meal kitchen’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Some of Music City’s biggest and brightest names showed up to cook and visit with volunteers and fans. Joining Lawrence to fry up more than 400 turkeys were Lorrie Morgan, Brad Arnold (Three Doors Down), Darryl Worley, Preston Brust (LoCash Cowboys,) Burns & Poe, Robert Reynolds, Trent Tomlinson, The Roys, radio personalities Big D & Bubba, newcomers Ash Bowers, Lathan Moore and Michael Scott, and the Titans Cheerleaders.

“I am always humbled by the outpouring of support and service from the folks that come out for the turkey fry,” Lawrence states. “It was a great day and great to see so many people participate in an event that helps those less fortunate in Nashville. It is because of them, thousands will be fed on this holiday; it is because of them, I am truly thankful.”
Donations of turkeys, clothing and cash were collected throughout the day; the final figure tallied at 600 birds and cash donations collected at just under $10,000. In that the event customarily yields an overwhelming amount of food, the Nashville Rescue Mission shares the turkeys with other area non-profit organizations including the Second Harvest Food Bank and Meals On Wheels.

CD Reviews- Steven Curtis Chapman- Beauty Will Rise

To fully understand and appreciate the theme for Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman’s new album, Beauty Will Rise, you must know the back-story of his daughter’s death last year. Chapman's five-year-old daughter, Maria Sue Chunxi Chapman, was killed in a tragic accident in May of 2008 when she was accidentally hit by her brother’s SUV pulling into the driveway of their home in Franklin, TN. Ironically, the Chapman’s were preparing for a family party celebrating their oldest son’s graduation from high school and their daughter's engagement.

Now, a year and a half after this family tragedy, Chapman has released a personal album that is a tribute to his daughter. Fraught with loss, sorrow and sadness, the story is filled at its core with an unwavering belief that she’s in a better place. Twelve sometimes heart-wrenching songs deal with a difficult burden and a faith that there’s a bigger plan that perhaps we don’t fully understand. It leans heavy on simple acoustic guitar orchestration augmented with piano and some strings- a decidedly pure Americana sound.

As a father with a young daughter of his own, Beauty Will Rise is an incredibly moving series of songs that tug at your heartstrings and place you straight in Chapman’s own shoes. Through time, faith, support and song, could you ultimately heal from that loss? Or at least begin down that road?

No song is more touching than the piano-based “February 20th.” Backed by a haunting cello “singing” harmony behind him, the song recounts the day Chapman and his wife witnessed their young preschooler first pray that someday she would be able to live in God’s house. With raw and emotive lyrics, the song is at once inspirational and heartbreaking.

“And we could never have imagined
She’d be going there so soon/ so soon/ so soon
God only knows everything that happened in that moment
God only knows what he whispered in her heart
Gold only knows just how thankful I will always be
That He gave her mom and me February 20th”

On “See,” Chapman questions not his faith, but his senses and his ability to still feel his daughter around him on another emotional roller-coaster of a song. Unafraid to shy away from sharing his true feelings through his songwriter’s pen and instruments of music, it’s a window to a grief-stricken family and how it must make sense of what can hardly make sense.

“Right now all I can taste are bitter tears
And right now all I can see are clouds of sorrow
From the other side of all this pain
Is that I hear?
Laughing loud and calling out to me?
Saying SEE, it’s everything you said that it would be”

And while the album is specifically written from a father’s perspective, there’s universality to each message that can connect at a soul-level for anyone who has experienced loss. And thus it was for this listener. It moved to the point of tears at two points on the album. Those that don’t recognize music as therapy need to hear this album. It’s as much about God and faith as about the belief that we live on. For the Chapman’s, that means rising up into heaven. For someone else, it might be lifting someone up in memory alone. Borrowing from the lyrics from the title track of the album, “From these ashes, beauty will rise.” Long live little Maria- captured forever in beautiful song.

Four Stars Out Of Five

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Interview With Tammy Cochran Over At The 9513

In 2001, Tammy Cochran enjoyed her first Top 10 single, "Angels in Waiting." The inspirational ballad was written as a tribute to her two older brothers, both of who succumbed to Cystic Fibrosis early in their lives. Though not initially intended to be a single release to radio, the song touched many hearts and continues to resonate with fans to this day. Eight years later, she returns with a brand new album called 30 Something and Single. That Nashville Sound reviewed the strong album this fall and I had a chance to talk with Tammy for an interview over on The 9513. Read a snippet of it below, but read up on her new album and recent adoption challenges HERE.

“I started adopting a child back in 2005 and ran into some difficulties pretty quickly with that adoption. My facilitator got arrested for some illegal activities that she participated in. It kind of put all of our adoptions in jeopardy–with everyone that was working with her on adoptions at the time. It was a two-year process. It took two years. It was only supposed to take about nine months. It was a huge emotional roller coaster. I was home here in Nashville. At that point, my adoption was completely in jeopardy. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to bring my son home. I was very upset, obviously. I wrote this song “Half The World Away.” It’s kind of a lullaby type of song pouring my heart out. I wanted to let this little boy know that I was going to wait for him as long as I had to wait for him. It just expressed what I was feeling at that time. And it honors the birth mom that had the courage to let her baby go. Whatever her reasons were, it honors her decision and thanks her for her decision.”

Tracy Lawrence Launches Mission Possible For Nashville Rescue Mission Today

Wynonna Guests On Oprah Winfrey Today

Wynonna Judd will perform on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” today, Tuesday, November 24th (check your local listings). Oprah teamed up with People Magazine and together they held a private celebration on the Ft. Bragg military base to welcome home the 82nd Airborne Division, 3rd Brigade Combat Team returning from Iraq. As part of an action-packed hour of celebration, Wynonna and the Palmetto State Quartet gave a surprise welcome home performance, saluting the well-deserving troops and their families.

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Dolly Parton Opens New Retail Store Next To Nashville's Wild Horse Saloon

Dolly Parton will share her treasures when her DOLLY PARTON’S TRINKETS & TREASURES store opens this week in Nashville.

Located in an old storefront on 2nd Ave. in historic downtown, the 1000 square-foot space reflects Dolly's “Coat of Many Colors” influence with a mix of pink, yellow, red, blue, green and purple--both in the interior and exterior--with Dolly Parton music and videos filling the space.

DOLLY PARTON’S TRINKETS & TREASURES will offer a mix of Dolly-centric items for fans of all ages including a music section stocked with Dolly Records’ releases--including the November 2009 2-disc DVD/CD set DOLLY: LIVE FROM LONDON--and a listening post to preview the tunes, t-shirts, hats, jewelry and a collection of children and tween items.

Although the store won’t celebrate its grand opening until Spring 2010 with a special event hosted by DOLLY, previews for the store begin this week.

DOLLY PARTON’S TRINKETS & TREASURES is located at 126 2nd Ave North, Nashville, TN (next door to Wild Horse Saloon) and store hours are 10:00 AM-8:00 PM Sunday through Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 AM-10:00 PM. This marks the first retail store for the internationally renowned superstar.

Listen To Kathy Mattea's NPR Live Performance Here

Kathy Mattea did a concert for National Public Radio and NPR is kind-enough to let us stream it here at That Nashville Sound. In this segment, recorded at the historic Keith-Albee Theater in downtown Huntington, W.Va., she performs songs from Coal, as well as her chart-topping 1988 country hit "18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses."

Taylor Swift Continues Award Dominance At The AMA’s

Taylor Swift won big at last night’s 37th Annual American Music Awards, taking home five trophies, including the evening’s biggest award, Artist of the Year. Taylor also won the awards for Favorite Female Artist (Country), Favorite Female Artist (Pop/Rock), Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist, and Favorite Album (Country – for Fearless).

Taylor accepted her AMA Awards live via satellite from her concert stage in an empty Wembley Arena in London, where she was rehearsing for tonight’s sold-out show. Taylor and her band stayed up most of the night to watch the show live from the US, and she accepted her last award at almost 4 a.m. London time.

"Music has never been ultimately about competition,” Taylor said while accepting Artist of the Year. “And to even be mentioned in a category with Michael Jackson, who we will miss and love forever, is an unimaginable honor. I just want to say that I'm sending my love to the Jackson family, and to Janet for reaching out to me the way that you have. And, to the fans, you have given me so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I hope you guys have an awesome Thanksgiving…..l miss and I love you. Thank you so much!”

The AMA wins cap an unparalleled year for Taylor, who turns 20 in just a few weeks. Taylor’s Fearless CD is the best-selling album of the year in all genres of music, and her AMAs bring her 2009 awards total to 20. Earlier this month Taylor won four CMA Awards, including the industry’s top honor - Entertainer of the Year, and she was also awarded the CMA’s 2009 International Artist Achievement Award. She won this year’s ACM Album of the Year, along with their Crystal Milestone Award, the BMI President’s Award, and the 2009 BMI Country Song of the Year Award. Also this year, Taylor took home an MTV VMA Award, two CMT Music Awards, two Teen Choice Awards, and the NSAI’s Songwriter/Artist of the Year Award.

Country music group Gloriana also won the Breakthrough Artist Of The Year and Keith Urban won Best Country Music Artist.

Andy Griggs Loses Home To Fire

Country singer Andy Griggs lost his Nashville-area home to a devastating fire this past weekend. He and his family escaped without harm, but their home was severely damaged and is reported a complete loss. There are no more details at this time.

Andy and his family are strong in their spiritual faith and are very appreciative to be alive. Andy is very touched by all of the support of his fans and all of the messages of concern. In a press release through his PR agency, he wanted to assure everyone that he and his family are fine and he expresses his most sincere thanks to all of this fans and friends for their thoughts and prayers at this time.

In his career, he has released three albums for RCA Records Nashville (You Won't Ever Be Lonely, Freedom, and This I Gotta See) and a fourth, The Good Life for Montage Music Group. His four albums have accounted for thirteen singles on the Billboard country charts, of which the highest are "You Won't Ever Be Lonely" and "She's More" at #2 each.

Up & Coming New Nashville- The Shells (With Exclusive Interview)

The Shells, a trio consisting of young female performers Carrie Welling, Melanie Klaja, and Jessica Rae Waltz, are a completely original pop/folk-rock harmony group. Their original sound has appropriately been dubbed as “cosmo country”: a blending of city pop with country folk-rock and intricate harmonies. All three women stumbled upon an audition for a three-part harmony group back in 2005 while pursuing their individual careers in the arts. Four years in the making, The Shells have grown from simple a cappella harmonies to performing with a full band at renowned New York City venues such as The Knitting Factory, The Bitter End, Pianos, and Arlene’s Grocery. They released their debut album Written Roads on October 8, 2009. The album was produced by Ryan Williams, who has also worked with major industry artists such as Linkin Park. In addition, Williams played almost all the instruments on the album. All songs on Written Roads were penned by the different members, showing the ladies’ breadth of musical talent. With the recent release of Written Roads, The Shells are set to share their cosmo-country sound with the rest of the world.

Listen to the girls’ music HERE.


THE SHELLS MySpace Video

That Nashville Sound - What brought you to music in the first place?

Carrie Welling- Ever since I was little, I was writing music with my father who is also a musician. I guess when I heard him play the guitar, I kind of fell in love with the idea of making up my own melodies and lyrics and making a totally original thing. So yeah, I guess my father brought me to music.

Jessica Rae Waltz- Music has always been a huge part of my life. My dad went to school for audio engineering and both my parents are huge music buffs, so I grew up listening to everything from Queen to Zeppelin to Aretha to Frankie Goes to Hollywood and everything in between. My first memories of singing are being in the preschool youth choir at my church and learning to play Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers tunes on keys with my dad. I studied Music in college where I directed an a cappella group & was in choirs & musical productions throughout my K-12 years in addition to playing piano and being in my middle school orchestra, so moving to NYC to pursue music was sort of written in the stars!

Melanie Klaja- We all have different stories for sure. I personally started singing at an extremely young age. As a child, I remember getting people's attention through my voice. People listened to me when I sang. Then it grew from there as a way for me to feel different and special. When I began performing in talent shows and singing in the church choir, I felt like I could be myself. Music became a way for people to know me and for me to get to know myself.

TNS - Describe your music - what's the mission behind the music?

CW: Our music is so different you know! It's got two totally different vibes that somehow mesh perfectly together. It's super root-sy and easy-listening but at the same time the lyrics and some of the melodies are super-edgy and rock. Again, I think it comes back to the whole theme of that hometown girl or boy coming to the big city to dream big, grow as a person and fight for what they want but at the same time they still keep that real hometown self. I want everyone to relate to our music, not just one specific "clique" of music lovers. I think our music has a lot going on so everyone can relate to a piece of The Shells.

JRW: The Shells have not only evolved in our writing and as a band, but we've spent a long time refining our sound. We could never really box ourselves in to a certain genre, so that's when we came up with the "Cosmo Country" tag--a little bit of that urban rock ‘n roll chick edge with some country influence. I think being a harmony group, we definitely get put into the folk category automatically. I am mostly responsible for that country flare since I'm from Nashville and have always been influenced by my fellow extraordinary writers and performing artists, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and more recently Patty Griffin. I've also always been in love with female singer-songwriters like Carole King, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow and Fiona I write in a style with all those artists clashing together in my brain so my songs come out as an interesting combo of all their styles with my own Waltz lyrical/melodic style--which we then "Shells-ify" with our unique harmonies. So, I guess with all that influence you can see why it would be hard to classify us!

MK: Our music is a mix of a lot of genres. For the longest time we did not know how to explain it without saying folk, pop, alternative, country, soul with a little rock and funk. So we came up with “cosmo country”. Stylistically, it describes the kind of women we are. When you think “cosmo”, you think Sex and the City. We are a younger version of those ladies getting their lives on track in NYC. So our music becomes very emotional when we write about our experiences as "starving artists". The lyrics and harmonies are a little more complex than your average Southern Country, but have the roots and easy listening of country music. Our mission is to bring people into our worlds and write from a point where our listeners can relate to the situations we talk about. Whether it is a song coming from a difficult situation, like lost love or family issues, or a song where we just let loose and have fun when we write about going out in the city or hanging with your close crew.

TNS- What might people be surprised to find out about you?

CW: At one point in my life, I wanted to play for the WNBA. (Laughter)

JRW: Oh man, I'm really weird—there are so many things...But, something that always surprises people is that I studied genetics in college (in addition to music) and was headed to medical school before I met The Shells. I'm also a homebody—I love spending time with my friends, but my favorite activity is curling up with a cup of tea and my puppy and watching some over-the-top cult movie like Tarantino/Coen Bros...kind of an oxymoron??

MK: Hmmmmmm. I think that the surprise about me is that there are no surprises. What you see is what you get. It has taken a lot for me to get to this point. Music has helped me immensely with that. I wasn't always so open and honest and truthful. As a teenager, you don't feel secure in your own skin. Always worried what others think. I think that when you meet me or get to know me, you think, "Is this chick for real?" The surprise is “Yes...I am!”

TNS- What kind of music are you listening to? What's in your iPod?

CW: Well, as I write out these answers, I am listening to The Shins. Love them… They help me to think. Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, lots of Classic rock, No Doubt, Dave Mathews, Cold Play....

JRW: ALWAYS listening to Ben Folds, Nickel Creek and Patty Griffin...but really have been getting inspired by a few Isreali artists--Etti Ankri, David D'or and David Broza. There's something really beautiful about not being able to understand the language, but knowing every word through the performance. I love Middle Eastern music, especially its unique melodic style and interesting phrasing. But the most fantastic thing about those artists is each one's ability to completely emote their songs both live and recorded, which is something I am working on being able to do consistently as well. Not really using the old iPod these days as I'm too busy to keep it updated, so I watch “Legends & Lyrics” on PBS every chance I get. Best show on television.

MK: It has an array of music. Depending on my mood I can go from Radiohead to Bob Marley to Avett Brothers to Ani Defranco. I get bored easily so I'm a little manic with my music changing

TNS- If you had a crystal ball and looked forward five years, what do you see for yourself?

CW: Well, I would have to say what I am sure every other band says: "We see ourselves as rockstars in five years!!" I think The Shells want more then just that though. I believe 3 different girls from 3 totally different places can really accomplish a lot together. We not only want to be successful musicians (touring, selling tons of records, licensing music etc.) but we want to help music survive and grow, especially in this hard time where people need music the most. I see We Three Records (our personal record label) growing as a successful company to help other struggling talented musicians. We want to help musicians because we know the hardship and struggle it takes to make it in the music business. Refer to the song " Change", track 2, on our debut album "Written Roads".

JRW: Not a fan of crystal balls because life's an adventure and I never would have guessed I'd be where I am today 5 years ago, so who knows! But if I had to state goals, I'd say writing music, touring, starting a family, running an artist management/development company...any combo of those or all of the above.

MK: I see The Shells being on tour for sure. Still trucking with the band, but most likely in a bigger spot in our careers. Probably signed with lots of songs licensed. Steady money and gigging around the States, Europe, Asia and Australia. Hopefully in love, too. That would be nice!

TNS- Nickname for your guitar or other instruments?

CW: "My Baby" - my red ovation guitar... It's dead now.

JRW: Funny question!! I have 2 guitars but I'm just learning how to is a vintage Gibson Epiphone that I got as a gift that I call "The Evil One" because as much as I love the way it sounds, it has so much space between the neck & the strings it really does a number on my fingers! So, I practice on that one to get good calluses...My other guitar is a Taylor Baby--so that one's "The Baby" (boring) and I use it to write because it's really easy to play. No creative name for my harmonica...just "D" which is what key it's in. I guess I need to work on naming them!!

MK: LOL, we have a nickname for our GPS, but it is a little risqué and should keep it for the Playboy issue!

New Music Video From Joe Nichols- “Gimme That Girl”

Email subscribers can watch video by clicking on blue headline.

New Music Video From Jimmy Wayne- “Sara Smile”

Email subscribers can watch video by clicking on blue headline.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

TNS Video History- George Jones, Tracy Lawrence & Mark Chesnutt Sing "I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair"

The Possum rocks it out on stage with the two neo-traditionalists Tracy Lawrence and Mark Chesnutt- off of the DVD titled "George Jones Live In Tennessee."