Friday, December 31, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Rumored To Be Releasing Country Music Album

On air personality Broadway at B93.7 in Michigan released this little bombshell yesterday: Lindsay Lohan is working with Big Machine Records to record a country album. It would be a one album deal just to test the country waters.

Lindsay is known for her roles in many movies and this would not be her first time in a recording studio. She had two pop albums and one of those albums charted at No. 4 on the billboard chart. Here is one of her music videos from one of those albums below.


  1. If she can stay sober maybe she can make it in the music business. Country is a tough road to hall and a long one.

  2. I can't say Lindsay is one that I was particularly hoping to see go country, and considering the state of her pop career, this move does smack of desperation. But who knows? She might be able to write some good drinking songs.

  3. Saw the link to this over on and it started me wondering: Does everyone whose career is on a downward trajectory have to make a country album? Apparently, the answer is YES.
    (And Ben Foster, I would scold you for making that "drinking songs" crack, but I can't quit laughing long enough. You are baaad!)

  4. I think this says a lot about the current state of popular country music. Both female leads for the tween show iCarly now have country singles out and Johnny Cash is rolling in his grave.