Sunday, August 20, 2017

Jack Ingram Announces Three Different Projects Awaiting Release Dates

Jack Ingram announced that he has not one, but three additional projects in the can. He has a full album recorded at the same time as last year's Midnight Motel finished as well as two different EP's that were just recently completed entitled The Arlyn Sessions: The Hammer (volume 1) and The Nail (volume 2). No firm timetables have been released on either, but we'll cross our fingers for some releases over the coming year.

After hearing from many people about my last album, #MidnightMotel, being NON-mnipresent on streaming services all summer, I feel the need to confuse the issue! Especially after hearing that a #SoundOfSilence track has made such an enormous impact on iTunes listeners over the past week!!! Turns out that @ToddSnider was on to something when he wrote about the #SeattleGrungeBlues winning #Grammys for performing as "a band that wasn't even together playing acoustic versions of music they'd never even recorded" way back at the turn of the century! To set the record askew... "Midnight Motel" is not back up for streaming but, have no fear, I have a fully produced and finished record ready to not be released yet that I recorded around the same time that we recorded "Midnight Motel"! I also just recorded 12 songs that are divided into 2 EP's called "The Arlyn Sessions: The Hammer (volume 1) And The Nail (volume 2)! I cannot be more inspired by the music I, along with my favorite musicians on this as of now intact planet, have been producing over the past few years! Been thinking a lot lately about just how grateful I am to be living in a time where there are absolutely zero rules in this music business! It's high time that we no longer be tethered to the old school guard! With that in mind... and with my apologies to "the sound of silence" and my best friend, Todd... Here's what I'm thinking... ANYBODY can make music and release it to any variation of fanfare! But who believes in what they're doing to such a degree that they don't even release it?! I don't really know that answer but the #magiceightball just told me that "All Signs Point To You"! So for the time being... I'm going with that! I am making music I think you all will really dig. I play it all the time! Especially at my shows! Come hang with me. We'll have a great time! We'll figure out all the other shit that nobody seems to know how to figure out later! In the land of blind kings a one-eyed jack is not blind. K-O-K-O... Jack
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