Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hear it Here: Jude Cole's Poignant New Song, "Partners In Time"

90's pop star turned producer Jude Cole (Kiefer Sutherland/Clay Davidson) released a powerful new song this week that was seriously worth sharing with our readers. The true-story song deals poetically and eloquently with the effects of dementia.  Per Jude's own words:
In the spring of '92 as I was putting some finishing touches on one of the tracks for 'Start The Car' at Cherokee Studios in Hollywood, the Rodney King riots broke out. Lori was in downtown LA right at the hot spot, shooting with a photographer for the album cover until late that afternoon.
By the evening things got really strange. The different rooms at Cherokee were booked with various artists of all races and color, and everyone was looking at each other with mistrust as we all watched the news in the lounge. Hostility filled the air, and I remember a fight almost broke out between two of the artists who were yelling obscenities at each other, posturing with puffed chests. Finally, someone changed the channel to MTV. The Michael Jackson video 'Black Or White' was playing.
It was a Twilight Zone episode, to say the least… a surreal time to be alive.
Concurrently that evening as I was driving home. the story of this song happened. It had nothing to do with the riots. Nothing to do with the city, the nation or politics. It was an equally touching part of my day, and I've never forgotten it.

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