Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Bryan White Podcast - An Interview With Hunter Hayes

Friend of the site and longtime country music veteran Bryan White has launched a new podcast and That Nashville Sound is proud to be a media partner and share this new work with fans across the world. Fittingly titled “The Bryan White Podcast", the podcast will interview his friends and collaborators in the industry.  White exploded on the country music scene back in 1994 where he has notched four #1 hits (“Someone Else’s Star,” “Rebecca Lynn,” “So Much For Pretending” and “Sittin’ On Go”), plus two other Top 10 hits.

“The reason that I wanted to start this show is I’ve been doing this music thing for 25 years. I love people. I know everybody in my industry, and they’re all great people. There’s so many interesting people, and they’ve got really cool lives. This is just an opportunity to … dive into conversation with all these artists, and maybe talk about things that are a littler bit off the beaten path that fans love to hear, things that they don’t normally get to hear. And this is a chance for me to do something different and fun.”

In this very first episode, Bryan White catches up with country music artist Hunter Hayes. You can listen to it below or nearly any platform that you stream your podcasts from.

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