Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Write You A Song Podcast - An Interview With Brett Eldredge

This morning we share another new podcast from host Tom Mailey from Bonneville radio station New Country 105.1 KNCI in Sacramento. Tom is a country radio veteran with over 30 years of experience in Seattle and Sacramento and a key partner in our Golf & Guitars Children's Charity Music Festival, a little event in our twelfth year that has raised well north of a million bucks for kids and individuals with disabilities. It highlights the songwriters in our industry and is entitled Write You a Song. 

It's his hope that this podcast will shine a little overdue spotlight on the talented men and women who, mostly behind the scenes, write the songs that become part of our lives. You know their words and music, but maybe not their names: Write You a Song will feature some of country music’s biggest songwriters--like Jeffrey Steele, Brett Warren, Ashley McBryde, Tim Nichols and more.

In 2017 Singer/songwriter Brett Eldredge was at the top of his game. 5 #1 songs, several more in the top 10, a massive and entertaining presence on social media, TV appearances, Christmas albums and then .... he shut it all down. For 3 years he worked on refocusing his life and somewhere during that process, a new album started to come together, one that Brett hoped would showcase more than any other who he is and where he's from. The album is called Sunday Drive and it's out this month and on this episode of Write You a Song, Brett talks about the journey he took to make it, both figuratively and literally. (Editor's note- the album is fantastic.) 

There's a quote from this month's guest that was first recorded quite a few years ago, when his career was just getting started. After the initial success of a song called "Raymond." Brett Eldredge had to wait a bit before really being able to show what he could do was a singer and a songwriter. It was just after that period that he said, "the biggest challenge for any new artist is I think, patience." And even though he's a new artist, no longer with a string of number one songs and a new album out this month, Brett Eldredge is still grappling with patience. We talked with him about that and a lot more on this month's Write You a Song.

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