Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kenny Rogers Finishing New Inspirational Album & Book For The Love of God

Kenny Rogers is putting the finishing touches on an inspirational album that will be released in the first half of next year and that will be accompanied by a book of photos. The track list on the album will be a mix of classics in addition to new material.

"It's not gospel, it's more inspirational. It's all songs about people's personal relationship with God and what He means to them. It's been very inspiring for me to do it. We found some great old songs that my mom and dad used to listen to, like 'In the Sweet By and By,' and 'Amazing Grace,' and we found some new songs that no one's ever heard before that I think are incredibly touching."
Rogers is also an accomplished photographer and accompanying the new album will be a collection of photographs of churches he has photographed through the years.
"The whole concept is called 'For the Love of God,' so the calendar is things people will do for the love of God. Some of the churches are from Prague or Czechoslovakia, and they're just unbelievably dynamic. Then some are little churches that sit out in the field. We travel by bus most of the time, unless it's cross-country, and we pull a jeep with us. We jump in the jeep in the morning and drive around and look for things to shoot. The interesting thing is, we've realized that even if we don't find pictures, we get to see parts of the world we'd never see otherwise."

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