Sunday, May 20, 2018

New Music Video From Abby Anderson - "Make Him Wait"

I heard this track on Sirius/XM's The Highway On The Horizon feature and thought it phenomenally well-done. It's written really well, has a great message and is very well executed. Put Abby Anderson on your radar.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Drew Kennedy and Josh Grider Recording Live Album Together

Artists: Drew Kennedy and Josh Grider
Live Album: TBD
Recording date: July 5, 2018
Release date: TBD

Main Street Crossing, a great little non-profit venue that doubles up as a music hall and a Sunday-morning church, announced that they will be producing their first ever live record from an upcoming July 5 performance with phenomenal singer-songwriters Drew Kennedy and Josh Grider.

Here is what MSC's Matt Davis has to say:
Drew Kennedy - One of the finest songwriters I have ever met. A keen observer of humans, circumstance, and emotions. He has unintentionally helped me become the songwriter that I am and who I am still learning to be.
Josh Grider - I didn’t fall in love with country music until I was 18. I quickly lost some of that love as the new “Country” arrived. Then I found Josh Grider. It was like one of those Christmas movie scenes where the dad is finding out that Santa really is real. Josh is everything that is still right with Country music and everything that it can and should be.
So we are gonna record, mix, master, do artwork, print. It’s gonna be awesome. By the way, these guys are best friends and hopefully they leave some dirty laundry on the stage. Please join us for this epic evening of life and art on July 5. Also, I am printing T-shirt’s without permission. Limited run. Sorry Josh and Drew.
This project will be a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 2017 release At Home In The Big Lonesome by Kennedy and the terrific release earlier this year by Josh Grider, Good People.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

That Nashville Sound Saturday Newsbytes: Maggie Rose, Craig Campbell, Lori McKenna and More

Several new projects were announced in the last day or two and we've got some a couple musical performances worth the watch this morning on That Nashville Sound's Newsbyte feature.

- Maggie Rose is releasing her third digital 45 this coming Friday and you can catch a tease of both new tracks HERE.

- Amy Grant released a new song in time for Mother's Day called "Say It With A Kiss" that you can listen to HERE.

- Nashville's collection of some of the best female songwriters has a collective called The Song Suffragettes and each week they release a new performance video from their standing show each Monday night at The Listening Room. Today's song is "A Million Ways" by Jessica Mack.

- Haunting. That's the only description for this beautiful music video from Ashley Monroe and her new song, "Sparrow." 

- Craig Campbell is releasing a new 7-song EP on June 8 entitled See You Try. “For the past few years, I’ve created and found some of the best music of my career,” shared Campbell. “I’m beyond excited to release this EP and show the country music world what I’ve been up to. I’m very proud of the music and can’t wait for everyone to finally hear these songs!”

- There's not a more well-respected country music songwriter on the planet right now than Lori McKenna and she's back with a new album entitled The Tree that will be out on 7/20.  The first song released off of the new project is a doozy and is called "People Get Old".

- 1980's star Sylvia is set to release her newest CD, Second Bloom – The Hits Re-Imagined, on Red Pony Records June 8The new project includes 10 all-new interpretations of her No. 1 and Top 10 hits from her RCA years. “My desire was to bring my music from the ’80s into alignment with the music I’m creating today,” said Sylvia.  “I wanted to breathe new life into the songs as if I was recording them for the first time while still honoring their musical identity. I believe the spirit of the music is just as relevant today as it was when these songs first bloomed.”

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New Live Performance Music Video From Jason Isbell - "If We Were Vampires"

The Off Camera Show with Sam Jones is on Netflix and earlier this week, Jones had Isbell on the show where he played his incredible song, "If We Were Vampires."

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Collin Raye Recuts His 25 Biggest Hits For New Legacy Album

Artist: Collin Raye
Album: 25 Years, 25 Hits
Label: Independent
Release date: May 15

In celebration of his 25th anniversary as a recording artist, multi-platinum selling country singer Collin Raye will release a new legacy album titled, Collin Raye — 25 Years, 25 Hits, on Tuesday, May 15.

The ACM Award-winning artist has recut 25 of his hit songs, including all 16 No. 1s, along with 3 bonus tracks, to celebrate his silver anniversary — 25 hits for 25 years.

"After working on this album for well over a year, our release date is finally drawing close," says Raye. "I'm so proud of this record. For years, people have asked me, 'Why don't you have a collection of all of your hits on one record, instead of several greatest hits albums each with different songs?' Well, now I do — all 25 hits on one album."

 The 10-time "Male Vocalist of the Year" nominee (5 CMA and 5 ACM) recorded the album in Nashville with producer Kelly Schoenfeld.

"It was a challenge to reproduce and beat what we did years ago, but I'm confident we have," he adds. "This is the definitive CR collection, and basically, the story of my career in making music."

Raye will celebrate the release at the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday, May 15, where he will perform in the historic circle and sign albums in-store for fans following the show.
Collin Raye — 25 Years, 25 Hits Track Listing:

1. I Can Still Feel You
2. On The Verge
3. Little Rock
4. My Kinda Girl
5. In This Life
6. All I Can Be (Is A Sweet Memory)
7. Every Second
8. Little Red Rodeo
9. Not That Different
10. I Think About You
11. If I Were You
12. That's My Story
13. I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good)
14. Somebody Else's Moon
15. That Was A River
16. What The Heart Wants
17. One Boy, One Girl
18. Someone You Used To Know
19. Couldn't Last A Moment
20. A Man Of My Word
21. Anyone Else
22. The Gift
23. What If Jesus Comes Back Like That
24. Love Remains
25. Love, Me
26. Undefeated (Bonus track)
27. She's With Me (Bonus track)
28. Shall We Gather At The River (Bonus track)

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Band of Heathens Release Live Album, Live Via Satellite

Artist: The Band of Heathens
Album: Live Via Satellite
Label: BOH
Release date: April 27, 2018

That Nashville Sound missed a release last month and we'd be remiss if we didn't make a mention of a project on a band we love.

The Band of Heathens made a giant leap with their last full length album Duende, which landed on Rolling Stone's top 50 Americana and Country Albums of 2017 list - It's only natural that the Band of Heathens – a tireless touring outfit – has made a live album to go along with it. Touring the United States and Europe relentlessly to support the release last year, they found themselves at SiriusXM's satellite radio headquarters in New York City in January of 2017 to perform songs from Duende live in the studio for a recorded session on the Outlaw Country channel. They also offered an incendiary cover of the classic Neil Young song "Alabama" which they wryly dedicated to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on air (and received a pile of hate mail for doing so) and delivered a touching version of the Dave Rawlings' (Dave Rawlings Machine/Gillian Welch) ballad "Ruby".

A year later the band finds themselves still riding the wave they created with the release of Duende and plan to follow it up with the release of a 5 song EP from the SiriusXM session called Live Via Satellite (out April 27th on the band's own label BOH Records). According to the press release:
"The session finds the band in excellent form right in the middle of a big album release tour. There's an energy and dynamic present in the live recording true to the Heathens' sound, seamlessly blending rock-n-roll, country and R&B with big vocal harmonies and impeccable instrumental dexterity."

Saturday, May 5, 2018

That Nashville Sound Saturday Newsbytes: Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, LeAnn Rimes, Kacey Musgraves & More

This morning's column has several new music videos and a couple of exciting project updates for potential release later in the year. (Click on the blue link to watch the performances or get additional information on the news tease.)

Lee Brice has a new music video for his song, "Boy".

- Keith Urban performed the new track "Never Comin' Down" off last week's album release live on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

- LeAnn Rimes "reimagined" her hit "One Way Ticket" and filmed the live performance video from one of her concerts. It's a great reminder of the pipes that young lady has.

- Kacey Musgraves released her new music video for the song, "Butterflies".

- Lindi Ortega released her new music video for the song, "Liberty".

- Luke Combs released his new music video for the song, "Beautiful Crazy".

- John Mellencamp recently released a live DVD of a concert featuring he and Carlene Carter and unveiled a music video of him performing "Pink Houses" from the project.