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New Music Video From The Song Suffragettes - "Time's Up"

Song Suffragettes is a collective of female singer-songwriters who perform every Monday night at Nashville’s Listening Room Café. With a mantra of #LetTheGirlsPlay, Song Suffragettes has featured over 200 women in the past 3+ years resulting in multiple publishing and record deals for some of music's brightest new talent.

Kalie Shorr, one of the frequent performers, recently saw the Hollywood elite all wearing black and protesting the treatment of women across the entertainment world and had an idea. “Me and the girls were watching the Golden Globes, drinking wine and wearing all black. During one of the many inspiring speeches that night, I just felt the weight of what was happening — how I was going to tell my daughters and granddaughters about this one day. It came together so easily and flawlessly because the amazing girls of Song Suffragettes were so passionate about the cause and willing to move around their schedules to make it happen. The team behind Song Suffragettes hustled so hard to make this project come to life making our idea a reality. I have been so inspired by this whole reckoning that’s been happening and it just  felt so obvious to connect that to what we do at Song Suffragettes,” Shorr said of the production.

This is their story in song...

Kalie Shorr -
Tasji Bachman -
Chloe Gilligan -
Savannah Keyes -
Mignon -
Gracie Schram -
Tiera -
Jenna Paulette -
Emma White -
Jordyn Mallory -
Emma Lynn White -
Regan Stewart -
Kim Paige -
Jenna McDaniel -
Madison Kozak -
Jenny Ray -
Tenille Arts -
Tristan McIntosh -
Tia Scola -
Alexis Gomez -
Trannie Stevens -
Candi Carpenter -
Lena Stone -

Jamie Lin Wilson Heads Into Historic Arlyn Studios To Record Album #2 - Fans Have An Opportunity To Go Along For The Ride

As regular readers of That Nashville Sound will know, we don't often share crowsdsourcing initiatives via PledgeMusic or Kickstarter very often. That is, until we feel so passionate about an artist and his or her project that it needs to be the exception to the rule. Today is one of those exceptions.

Texas artist Jamie Lin Wilson is following her phenomenal and critically-acclaimed debut solo album with another project in the coming months. Wilson originally broke into the Texas country/folk scene as one of the lead vocalists of the Sidehill Gougers, later known as just the Gougers before the band gradually gave way to not only Wilson’s solo work (the fine EP “Dirty Blonde Hair” was released in 2010) but also her highest-profile-yet musical adventures with The Trishas, an all-female singer-songwriter band that has toured through some of the state and nation’s best venues. Scoring one of the best albums of 2012 with High Wide & Handsome and framing Wilson’s stunning originals in the context of sisterly collaboration and harmony, the Trishas have brought her career to new heights while still leaving room for solo gigs, guest spots on over a dozen albums by now, and song-swaps with like-minded artists all over Texas and beyond. Since then she's been a powerhouse solo performer since, touring with the likes of Jack Ingram, Sunny Sweeney, Courtney Patton, Jason Eady and more.

Says Wilson on the creation of the new project, "Since releasing Holidays & Wedding Rings in 2015, I’ve toured around the world, played venues I never thought I’d get to, had another baby, and written a lot of new songs.  With this album, I’m gathering some very talented friends and heading into the esteemed Arlyn Studios to record a batch of songs that I consider to be among the best I have. I can’t wait to see what they become, and what happens within those walls during those 5 days."

If Nashville has their historic Studio A, Texas certainly has its near-equal in historic Arlyn Studio. Since 1984, Arlyn Studios has been a fixture and recording hub for Austin’s vibrant music community attracting the industry’s most legendary artists including: Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Sublime, Neil Young and Les Paul, to name a few.

Pledge opportunities range from $10 all the way to a $2500 full band house concert and everything in between. You can earn handwritten lyrics, signed album posters, autographed albums, vinyl albums and more. Jamie promises to update contributors to the process along the way. If you're passionate about good heartfelt traditional country music, I'd encourage you to go along for the ride with what promises to be a very special project.  Click HERE to go along for the ride.

New Music Video From The Statesboro Revue - "Lil' Mary's Last Stand" - Live on The Texas Music Scene

Friday, January 19, 2018

New Music Video From The Oak Ridge Boys with "Brand New Star"- New Album To Hit In March

Country Music Hall of Fame members, Grand Ole Opry members, and five-time GRAMMY winning group, The Oak Ridge Boys announce the release of their Lightning Rod Records forthcoming project 17th Avenue Revival, produced by critically-acclaimed producer Dave Cobb on March 16. This is the group’s second project with Cobb, who produced the Oaks’ celebrated The Boys Are Back album released in 2009.
“Having been in The Oak Ridge Boys for almost 52 years,” says Duane Allen, “it can be difficult for me to imagine a place where we have not been. However, Dave Cobb had that vision, and the result is 17th Avenue Revival.”

“Old roads turned into new roads on this album,” adds Oaks’ member Joe Bonsall.

For the new project, Cobb’s vision for the group was to dig way back into their roots of gospel music. But a different kind of gospel. One that took a hard look at the early days of rock and roll, which was influenced by spiritual, or black gospel.

Under Cobb’s direction, they touched on uncharted territory—and for a long-tenured act like The Oak Ridge Boys, that’s saying something. Somewhat retro, yet new and fresh at the same time, there was no vocal stacking and very few overdubs. For two of the songs, the Boys gathered around one microphone and let the harmonies shine, just as Dave Cobb had planned initially.

“Legendary Studio A on 17th Avenue South became a special, almost spiritual place, and for a few weeks it served as a beacon of creativity,” says Allen. The result is a recording that will go down in history, for old and new fans alike.

“Dave brought music with spirit and a magical feel to the studio. It became a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual revival for The Oak Ridge Boys,” says the groups’ William Lee Golden.

“17th Avenue Revival is something we believe our fans will love,” adds bass singer Richard Sterban.
Track Listing:
1. Brand New Star (Aaron Raitiere & Mando Saenz)
2. There Will Be Light (Jamey Johnson, Larry Shell & Buddy Cannon)
3. God’s Got It (Charlie Jackson)
4. I’d Rather Have Jesus (Rhea Miller & George Beverly Shea)
5. Walk In Jerusalem (Traditional /Public Domain)
6. Where He Leads Me I Will Follow (Ernest W. Blandy / Public Domain)
7. Pray To Jesus (Brandy Clark & Shane McAnally)
8. If I Die (Ashley Monroe & Vince Gill)
9. Let It Shine On Me (Vince Gill & Ashley Monroe)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

That Nashville Sound Thursday Newsbytes: Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, Lennon Stella & More

The labels are just now coming out of their normal Thanksgiving to New Years hibernation and the proverbial Hot Stove of country music is heating up with news about new projects and artist signings.

- Lennon Stella (of Lennon and Maisy and CMT's Nashville television show) has a signed a record deal with RECORDS’ newly-established joint venture with Columbia Records and plans a solo album out later in the year.

- Dierks Bentley released a new music video for his song, "Woman, Amen." 

Liberty will be Lindi Ortega's highly anticipated new album following the critical acclaim of her previous release Faded Gloryville and Til the Goin' Gets Gone. Due out on March 30, 2018, Liberty was recorded in East Nashville, TN, the album is produced by Skylar Wilson (Justin Townes Earle, Rayland Baxter) with Steelism as the backing band and Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie McCoy on harmonica and vibraphone.

- John Oates (of Hall of Oates) released the rootsy song "Miss the Mississippi and You."

- Keith Urban's yet-to-be-given-a-release-date next album will be called Graffiti U.

- Old Crow Medicine Show have had Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton) produce their next album called Volunteer and out on April 20.

- Caitlyn Smith unveiled her new music video for her powerhouse vocal song "Tacoma."

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New Music Video From Ashley Campbell - "A New Year"

[Exclusive Preview} Courtney Patton Reveals "Words To My Favorite Memory" From Upcoming 2/16 Release, What It's Like To Fly Alone

Thank you to Courtney Patton for sharing this exclusive reveal of her new song "Words To My Favorite Memory" with the readers of That Nashville Sound. The track is off of her upcoming album, What It's Like To Fly Alone, set for release on 2/16. Preorders are available at

Harlan Howard might have been the first to mutter the famous phrase that country music was, “Three Chords and the Truth,” but Courtney Patton has clearly made that her life mantra. Following her previous solo albums, Triggering a Flood (2013) and So This Is Life (2015), Patton has continued to draw on true life day-to-day autobiographical life experiences filled on her third album, What It’s Like To Fly Alone, to be released February 16, 2018.

Fresh off her second annual Hard Candy Christmas Tour with friends and fellow respected artists Sunny Sweeney, Jamie Lin Wilson and Brennen Leigh, Patton is quickly becoming a driving force within the Red Dirt and Texas music scenes and beyond. Patton married fellow musician Jason Eady in March of 2014 and together, they released the collaborative project, Something Together, in January of 2017.

Patton explains the genesis behind the project, “The album is titled after one of its songs, “What It’s Like to Fly Alone”. The title sounds melancholy, but the resolve isn’t. This record is full of songs about people who have had to “fly alone” in some way, whether through grief, loss, life choices, addiction or love. We have to work through our struggles, choose our own destiny, just like the characters in each song. We have to make ourselves happy. No one else can do that for us. I’ve been down in all of those ways, but I chose happiness. In the end, “flying alone” is soaring because you pick your path and you find your way.”

The album is phenomenal. In an era in which clichés and bravado is mistaken for bold noteworthiness, there’s something far more brave in peeling back highly personal and emotional open-book songs and delivering them with sensitivity and sentiment. Patton has done just that. She is the consummate storyteller on this project. Heartache isn’t just described, it’s tangibly felt.

Patton has called upon many of her musical friends to assist on the project. Chip Bricker, piano player with Gene Watson's highly acclaimed Farewell Party Band, is on keys. Austin City Limits Hall Of Fame member Lloyd Maines is on pedal steel. Heather Stalling (wife of Texas troubadour Max Stalling) is on fiddle, Jamie Lin Wilson (The Trishas), Dan Tyminski (Alison Krauss & Union Station) and husband Jason Eady are on background vocals. But after having fellow Texas troubadour Drew Kennedy produce her last album, Patton has taking the production reins this time around, further cementing this as her most personal work to date.

What It’s Like To Fly Alone track listing:

1. “Shove” (Courtney Patton)
2. “What It's Like to Fly Alone (Hawk Song)” (Courtney Patton)
3. “Round Mountain” (Courtney Patton, Larry Hooper)
4. “Open Flame” (Courtney Patton, Larry Hooper)
5. “I've Got One Waiting” (Courtney Patton, Matt Hillyer)
6. “This Road to You” (Courtney Patton, Micky Braun)
7. “Words to My Favorite Memory” (Courtney Patton, Larry Hooper)
8. “Sometimes She Flies” (Courtney Patton)
9. “Gold Standard” (Kelley Mickwee, Owen Temple)
10. “Devil's Hand” (Courtney Patton, Larry Hooper)
11. “Red Bandana Blue (Kent's Song)” (Courtney Patton)
12. “Fourteen Years” (Courtney Patton)

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Ashley McBryde's Girl Goin' Nowhere Set For March 30 Release

Artist: Ashley McBryde
Album: Girl Goin' Nowhere
Label: Warner Nashville
Release date: March 30, 2018

Lauded by the New York Times for her “clean, powerful and slightly creamy voice,” Ashley McBryde has been dubbed as an “Arkansas red-clay badass, with the swagger of Hank Jr. and the songwriting of Miranda Lambert” by Rolling Stone. McBryde caught the attention of some of Nashville’s most raucous entertainers, landing her on dates opening for Eric Church, Chris Stapleton, and Miranda Lambert. The Washington Post raved, " McBryde's blue-collar storytelling and straightforward singing set her apart," including a set during her debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage, notably sharing "Girl Goin' Nowhere," the title title track from her forthcoming Jay Joyce-produced LP for Warner Nashville slated for release on March 30. McBryde's debut single, “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega,” is rising on the charts on country radio now.

1. Girl Goin' Nowhere
2. Radioland
3. American Scandal
4. Southern Babylon
5. The Jacket
6. Livin' Next to Leroy
7. A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega
8. Andy (I Can't Live Without You)
9. El Dorado
10. Tired of Being Happy
11. Home Sweet Highway

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Country Radio Loses Two Iconic Voices - Hairl Hensley & Tom Perryman Pass Away

K.F. Raizor, author of the website Raizor's Edge and the book We Can't Sing and We Ain't Funny: The World of Homer and Jethro is our guest writer today on That Nashville Sound. She's ever so gracious to provide wonderful tributes to honor those to whom the music we treasure just wouldn't be the same without. Thank you, K.F.

The new year has proved very painful for the Country Disc Jockey Hall of Fame, losing two members in the past two weeks.

Hairl Hensley: the "dean of Grand Ole Opry announcers" died on December 31. He was an Opry announcer for 35 years, second in tenure only to the great Grant Turner. In addition to his work on the Opry, he also was a beloved DJ on WSM, broadcasting both country and bluegrass shows. For years he hosted a 15-minute morning program called "The Early Bird Gets the Bluegrass" at 5 AM, as well as a Monday night bluegrass/interview show.

Hensley had a marvelous sense of humor. I remember hearing him play Tom T. Hall's "Ravishing Ruby" one night; and, when the trumpet part came in during the chorus of the song, Hairl slipped in a trumpet playing the "charge!" call over it. But that wasn't his best gag, and I would be remiss if I didn't tell my favorite Hairl Hensley story.

Massey-Ferguson Tractors sponsored a portion of the Opry at one time. Hensley took the script book and did a little "alteration" of the script for the Massey-Ferguson ad: he crossed out "Massey-Ferguson" and wrote, in its place, "M.F." If you think that sounds funny, you should have heard Eddie Stubbs read it that way one night: "These M.F. tractors are the best you can buy."

Aside from the jokes, he was a great DJ with a vast knowledge of country and bluegrass, and he genuinely loved the music he played.

Hairl Hensley was 81.

Tom Perryman: from humble beginnings in eastern Texas, Tom Perryman moved up to become one of the most important DJs in the 40s and 50s. He had a keen ear for good music and went out of his way to help up-and-coming acts of the day, such as Jim Reeves and Ray Price, get their music played on radio.

Perryman died January 11th after years of failing health.

In addition to his eagerness to turn a song he believed in into a hit, Perryman was also a good businessman. After Jim Reeves found success he and Perryman became business partners, buying radio stations in eastern Texas (including the one where Reeves got his start, KGRI in Henderson, Texas).

In the foreword to Perryman's biography, Keepin' It Country, Ray Price explained his long friendship with Perryman and how the DJ worked tirelessly to get country stars' songs the exposure they deserved. Price summarized Perryman's commitment simply: "He helped everybody."

Tom Perryman was 90.

Farewell to these two giants of country music broadcasting.

New Music Video From Caitlyn Smith - "This Town Is Killing Me"

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Eric Church Collaborator & Bandmate Jeff Hyde To Release Own Album, Norman Rockwell World

Artist: Jeff Hyde
Album: Norman Rockwell World
Label: Jeff Hyde Records
Release date: February 23, 2018

Already a Grammy-nominated songwriter and longtime member of Eric Church's touring band, Jeff Hyde makes his solo debut with Norman Rockwell World. Produced by fellow songwriter Ryan Tyndell, the 10-track album arrives February 23.
Over the past dozen years, Hyde has written many country hits for other artists, including Eric Church's chart-topping singles "Springsteen," "Record Year" and“Round Here Buzz.” A long line of artists including Alan Jackson, George Strait, Bobby Bare, Luke Bryan, Charlie Worsham, Nikki Lane and Becky Buller have also put their own stamp on his songs, but still much of his material remains unused. It’s a natural result of Hyde being one of Nashville's busiest songwriters, in an industry where more songs are written than are ever heard.
Norman Rockwell World rounds up 10 of those untouched compositions, including songs written alongside fellow hitmakers Michael Heeney, Clint Daniels, and Casey Beathard.
"When you write for a publishing company for years, you eventually wind up with songs you're proud of that are just sitting on a shelf," says Hyde, who landed his first publishing deal in 2005. "That was part of the reason for doing this record. We wanted to take some of those best songs and give them a life."
A native of Marshall, Texas, Hyde moved to Nashville in 2001. He was raised on the sounds of artists such as Keith Whitley, Tom T. Hall, and The Statler Brothers — chart-topping country singers who wrote many of their own hits. "You could turn their records around and look at the back to see who wrote the songs," he remembers, "and the singers were also the writers. I always knew songwriting was the core thing I wanted to do in the music business. I wanted to start with that foundation, anything further would be a bonus.”
Per the press release:
Norman Rockwell World roots itself in Hyde's songwriting chops, and also introduces him as a talented vocalist who delivers a song with the same finesse he uses to spin a lyric. He sings each song in a welcomingly strong voice, one that may be familiar to Eric Church's fans who have seen Hyde play acoustic instruments and sing harmonies in Church's band for more than a decade. He beefs up his sound with everything from banjo riffs to mandolin solos. The music itself nods to his longtime influences — including 1980s trailblazers like Don Williams, Whitley, and Vern Gosdin — without losing its modern appeal.
With his solo debut, Hyde plants one foot in the classic twang of his favorite writers, then points the other toward more progressive sounds. This is the sound of a country veteran getting his overdue share of the spotlight, stepping up to the mic for a batch of songs that are as warm and slyly nostalgic as Norman Rockwell's artwork itself.

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New Live Performance Video From Brett Young and Carly Pearce - "Whiskey Lullaby"

We don't often show fan-shot videos, but this duet with up-and-comers Brett Young and Carly Pearce is good enough to be an exception to the rule. Here they are at Nashville's Marathon Music Works covering the Brad Paisley/Alison Krauss iconic hit, "Whiskey Lullaby." 


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New Music Video From Anderson East - "Girlfriend"

The official music video for Anderson East’s new song, “Girlfriend,” is premiering today. Written by East, Dave Cobb, Aaron Raitiere and Avicii, “Girlfriend” is from East’s new album, Encore, which will be released next Friday, January 12 on Low Country Sound/Elektra Records.