Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Up & Coming New Nashville - Meet Avalon Kali

It's hard to remember when Avalon Kali didn't have a guitar in her hands.  From early on in the second grade, the Northern California girl from Folsom (not far from Sacramento) would learn new chords on her flat top and pour over lyrics, first creating melodies and then writing poetic songs that went far beyond her years.

On a trip to Nashville with her parents while late in high school, Kali toured the campus of Belmont University and received a Music Row tour from artist/songwriter Chris Roberts (One Flew South). She immediately knew what her future would hold and that was a move to Music City. Her grades were great and acceptance to the illustrious music institution wasn't far behind.

While at Belmont, Kali became an Entertainment Industry Studies major.  Extremely driven, she was a member of various organizations on Belmont University's campus while also volunteering over the last three and a half years in the Nashville community. But the music business called as well and she spent a year interning first at Catch This Music (a small collective of songwriters, producers and musicians that are skilled in providing a new song one day, record a demo the next, produce an independent album the following day as a recording studio) and then later rubbing elbows with Paul Williams at ASCAP (where nearly ever song that gets paid a royalty travels through).  With her education and work history, Kali has analyzed the industry from the outside in and has gained a full understanding of how the business part of it works.

But while studying the business side of things, Kali was also perfecting her songwriting. In June of 2012, 10 Belmont University juniors and seniors set out, joining professor and legendary musician Mark Volman, a founding member of the band The Turtles, on the road for an East Coast run of the “Happy Together Tour.” The tour’s “classroom” and schedule looks something like this: one tour bus, a precious few hotel rooms, long hours and many stages—for two and a half weeks and a grade. Kali was only a freshman, but immersing herself with all of the other aspiring musicians was an inspiration.

With graduation in her immediate future, Kali has been actively playing songwriter's rooms in and around Nashville, perfecting her craft. Summer of 2017 was spent in the music studio, recording her very first EP and on November 17, she drops her very first single on the world called "Speechless."

Below is a sample of another track off of the EP entitled "Heartbeat" where Kali's voice shows off her soaring versatility and range. Big things are coming from this young lady. She has a unique ability at a very young age to tell deep and profound emotional storytelling through her songwriting.

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