Friday, April 17, 2009

Up & Coming New Nashville- The McClymonts

Our Up & Coming New Nashville has had a decidedly down-under theme this month so we continue it going with a little feature on a fantastic group of musicians and beautiful sisters- The McClymonts.

An Australian country music trio of sisters, the McClymonts first arrived on the Aussie new country scene in June 2006 with their self-titled debut EP. Within the year, sisters Brooke McClymont, Samantha McClymont, and Mollie McClymont found themselves on tour with Lee Kernaghan, hitting the Australian country singles charts with "Something That My Heart Does," hitting number one with "Baby's Gone Home," being nominated for Best New Talent at the 2007 Golden Guitar Awards, and winning the same award at the Jayco Country Music Awards in 2007. 2007 also found the sisters recording their debut album, Chaos and Bright Lights, with many of Nashville's leading producers. Both the EP and the album were released through Universal. At the 2009 Country Music Awards of Australia The McClymonts have been nominated for APRA Song of the Year, Album,Group or Duo and Single of the Year. At the Australian Country Music Awards in 2009 The McClymonts won the Best Group or Duo of the year for the third time in a row. These girls are the real deal and we’re sure to be hearing more of them in the U.S. in the very near future…

Catch three music videos that they’ve shot (email subscribers can click the headline to link into the article for the videos) and then a real quick interview they were so gracious to grant during their busy schedule…

That Nashville Sound- What brought you to country music?

The McClymonts- Our parents always were playing country music at home, so when we started singing we were drawn to country!

TNS- Describe your music- what's the mission behind the music?

M- Our music is country/pop/rock. It’s a bit of everything. We write our own music so its definitely very us. The mission is to stay true to ourselves, and enjoy every minute of it

TNS- What might people be surprised to find out about you?

M- We all play instruments on stage and write all of our own music.. also we are sisters

TNS- What kind of music are you listening to? What's in your iPod?

M- Josh Turner at the moment, he is great!

TNS- If you had a crystal ball and looked forward ten years, what do you see for yourself?

M- Being a successful band in America, as well as Australia


  1. Thank you for writing about The McClymonts. I'm from Canada and travelled to Australia in 2001 to experience the Tamworth Country Music Festival over there and met these 3 sisters and their mom. They were so nice and gave me rides all over town. I've been following them every since and have watched them mature. I've also been to Tamworth many more times and this year watched in person as they won another Group of the Year Award. Now they are ready to take America by storm. They will perform at the Global Artist Showcase in Nashville this June, so look out America!!!

  2. I am so excited for them to cross the pond and make it to America! I love these girls :)