Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kristy Lee Cook To Host New TV Show On Outdoor Channel

Hosted by country artist Kristy Lee Cook – no stranger to top tens herself as a finalist on last season's American Idol as well as the voice to the mid-chart country music hit “15 Minutes Of Shame” – will be hosting a new television show this fall. The Outdoor Channel's 10 Best will showcase some of the most heart-stopping outdoor footage and trusted opinions from the world's most knowledgeable experts in the industry. Salem, Oregon (and log cabin-residing) host Kristy Lee brings her country charm and outdoor passion as on-air host and ringmaster of each episode.

“She has a deep passion for hunting and horseback riding,” explains Producer Kevin Fay. “There is obvious crossover between her budding country music career and the outdoor adventure genre. Her honest love of the outdoors comes through the screen and engages the audience.“

In season one, the show will take on topics such as "Best Whitetail Destinations,""10 Greatest Mountain Hunts,""10 Greatest Hunting Lodges" and the "10 Deadliest Hunts."

In addition to competing on Idol, touring with the "Idols Live" stage tour and television hosting duties, Cook also finds time to create music (her album "Why Wait" hit #8 on the US Country Charts) and create her own charity (The Kristy Lee Horse Heaven Foundation specializes in caring, saving and finding homes for displaced horses).


  1. A great show and great host. fun to watch. she'll be awesome. Hope she don't give up music.