Monday, November 29, 2010

New Alison Krauss Album Gets February Release Date

Alison Krauss will be releasing a yet-to-be-titled album from Rounder Records on February 8, 2011. has a listing for the new album HERE on their website with very little details- although it is telling that there is no mention of Union Station backing her on the album this time around. This jumps to the list of albums I'm looking most forward to in 2011.


  1. Union Station is great but I would love Alison to do an album in a genre or genres that's totally unexpected for her. I was just reminded of that a few days ago....there's a Christmas tune I've got on my computer from her (and I think her brother) that's so unlike alike alot of what she's recorded. Will definitely be looking out for the new cd in Feb!

  2. New street date for Alison's new album in now April 12, according (from a Rounder Records release schedule).