Monday, January 3, 2011

Longtime Country Veteran John Berry Releases Made In America

As the calendar turns the page into 2011, John Berry has released a brand new independent album titled Made In America that he is selling on his website and at tour stops around the country. There are four brand new John Berry penned songs including "Give Me Back My America", "I Know That You Know", "Longing For Home", and "Lonely Heart".

Active as a recording artist since 1979, Berry has recorded more than fifteen studio albums, including one platinum album and two gold albums. In his career, Berry has also charted nineteen songs on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including the Number One single "Your Love Amazes Me" from 1994 and six additional Top Ten hits: "What's In It for Me," "You and Only You," "Standing on the Edge of Goodbye," "I Think About It All the Time," "Change My Mind," and "She's Taken a Shine."

The new album was recorded in Mac McAnally’s studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

“Alan Schulman (did) engineering and we’re going to do it in his studio so it’s… great. The studio is actually owned by Alan Schulman and Mac McAnally. I’m a huge fan’s of Mac’s and have enjoyed his music over the years. He’s written so many wonderful songs, so it’s really exciting being able to go there and work with some guys whom I’ve really looked up to all these years and record and do some work there. My music has a little bit of soul to it and they’ve got a whole lot more soul in Muscle Shoals. It’s kind of a cool environment to be able to go do this in. It’ll be different for me as well.”

Track Listing:

1 City of New Orleans
2 Longing for Home
3 Celebrate Me Home
4 Right Behind the Rain
5 Give Me Back My America
6 Heart of Gold
7 I Know That You Know
8 Poncho and Lefty
9 *Poncho and Lefty- Reprise
10 Lonely Heart

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  1. Great album! Curious as to why a couple of the songs (which are superb songs) seemed a tad slower than usual (Please Celebrate Me Home and Give Me Back My America among them). It seemed to take some of the energy out of them and seemed almost like an old cassette was dragging.

    Overall, John Berry is a great musician and I am enjoying this project!