Monday, January 17, 2011

New Music Video From Canadian Johnny Reid- "Let's Go Higher"

This is a top ten song for Johnny Reid on Canada's Country Music Singles chart currently.

Johnny Reid - Let's Go Higher - Official Video found on Country


  1. As a JR Tartan Army member,and Canadian I am so proud and excited for Mr. Johnny Reid, finally breaking through the very tough USA market. He and his team have worked very hard to get to this point in his career. I know all who listen to his music will fall in love with his flawless voice. I have seen and heard him live many times and never once heard a bad note come out of his mouth. Johnny is FULL of energy up on that stage, from one end to the other and down into the audience. You will fall in love with that accent of his as well. When he starts talking and telling his stories you won't be able to stop yourself having a great big smile on your face. So, USA here's Johnny!!! I know you will love him as much as we do here in Canada!!

    member of Johnny Reid's Tartan Army
    Marching Loud and Proud!!

  2. I am also a member of JR's Tartan Army and a proud Canadian fan! I am excited about Johnny Reid's introduction to the USA. I know that the American public will love everything about Johnny. From his voice, his songs, his style, his band and his stories, he is a consummate entertainer! From his humble beginnings in Scotland, to his immigration to Canada, to his award winning on all Canadian stages, this man has retained his humility and remains a genuine icon in the industry. I look forward to sharing him with the American public (albeit begrudgingly) and hope you all get to have your lives changed as so many of us here in Canada have! Johnny's fans are second only to his family and he truly gives back the love we give him through his music, his well-written songs and his hugs during his meet & greets!! America, welcome Johnny into your lives and he will be like one of the family as he is in so many of our's here in Canada!

    Diane D.
    Proud member of
    Johnny Reid's Tartan Army
    Nova Scotia. Canada