Monday, February 7, 2011

Faith Hill Details New Album In Works

In an interview with CMT, Faith Hill discussed that after six years, she is back in the recording studio working on a new album. They haven't made it into the recording studio yet, but according to Hill, "it's coming."
"I've actually been in the studio a couple of times in the last six years. I'm just trying to find that spark, that thing that's exciting for me ... and that feels inspired and true and honest, from an honest place. It's been a creative journey. I actually have been in the studio, but no one's really heard anything. (laughs) But that's going to be the nice part -- to actually get it finished and get it out there for people to hear.

I'm not anxious yet, because it's not finished yet. (laughs) But when it comes closer to the time, I will definitely be. ... I'm ready to be onstage. To do this show on Saturday night just gives me the bug again. I've never lost that part of it.

I didn't really intend to take this much time off in between albums. Like I say, I have actually recorded possibly a couple of albums in the six years. But it's important for it to be the right thing for me musically. It's just the process. It's like a rediscovery. And in the midst of rediscovery, it just takes time. I didn't even realize it had been that long, to be honest with you, until someone told me that. And I even argued with them. At the time it was five years, and I said, "It's not been five years since I had a record!" "Yeah, it has been." (laughing). But that's OK. I want it to be really good and represent me. I want it to be real."

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