Monday, February 21, 2011

New Music Video From Randy Houser- "In God's Time"

Co-written by Randy, Shane Minor and David Lee Murphy, the powerful tune is about the importance of putting your faith in the heavens.
"This song had been on my heart for about three weeks," Randy says. "We wrote another song, and everyone was packing up to leave and I sat down and played the first chord and sang 'In God's Time.' I said, 'Shane, I'm supposed to write this song. Do y'all want to stay?' Both of them said [yes]. It was exactly what I needed to say at the time. It was exactly what I'd been feeling, but it hadn't manifested itself yet. It was exactly what my heart needed to hear. A lot of times you have to verbally say things to soak 'em up."

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  1. I love this song ..I heard it for the 1st time today, It is so true. The hard part is dealing with his timing not yours for things.