Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Steve Wariner Releases "Guitar Laboratory"

This week marks the release of Grand Ole Opry star Steve Wariner’s third instrumental album, Guitar Laboratory, on SelecTone Records. The 13-song collection is an electic mix of musical styles, ranging from country and jazz to rock, blues, classical and Hawaiian.
"Rebounding off the Chet (Atkins) project, I was in a guitar frame of mind. I spent hours and days in my studio trying out different riffs and tunes. And I decided I wanted to do a project that showed versatility and diversity. What I wound up trying to do was not only demonstrate the different styles that I can play, but also the different kinds of music that I love.”
Wariner titled the project after a friend paid an unexpected visit to his studio, following a particularly long recording session during which he had lost all track of time. When the friend asked Steve if he was some sort of mad scientist, working all hours in his lab, Guitar Laboratory came to mind.
“Guitar Laboratory represents without a doubt the most versatile project I have recorded,” he continues. “It’s a trip all over the map as far as genres and styles. I think what people will enjoy most is seeing a glimpse of me they have never seen before. I played upright bass, lap steel, resonator guitar, acoustic guitar, steel string guitar, classical guitar, pedal steel guitar and a lot of electrics. I sure hope you enjoy your visit into my Guitar Laboratory.”

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