Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Billy Bob Thornton Unveils His Willie Nelson Documentary at SXSW Festival

Actor Billy Bob Thornton, presented his new documentary called The King of Luck, about Willie Nelson, over this last weekend at the South By Southwest festival. Thornton acted as the director for the film. The black-and-white documentary includes interviews with Nelson's family, crew, and band, as well as interviews from people like Luke Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Nelson himself. Thornton said of the project: "We wanted to show why people love Willie as much as they do."

He also talked about the footage of Nelson performing: "I actually am a time traveller and went back to 1967 and shot the stuff. This move is not about who directed it. This is us hanging out with Willie like we were doing already. You're not going to see anything fancy, this is a very simple, loving tribute."

Nelson was on the road and was unable to attend the premier. The film is still looking for funding and a distributor for national distribution.

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