Monday, March 28, 2011

Jason Michael Carroll To Get Cracker Barrel Exclusive Album Treatment This Summer

Jason Michael Carroll got his start singing in public while he worked as a server at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store location in Henderson, N.C. So it’s downright fitting that the company has chosen Numbers, his first studio album since 2009, to be the newest addition to its exclusive music program when the CD is released this summer. Cracker Barrel and Carroll are partnering with the Quarterback Records radio team, GrassRoots, and country radio nationwide to debut the album’s title song “Numbers” as a single today.

“’Numbers’is a song that got my attention the first time I heard it,” said Carroll. “It was written by Patrick Davis and Rodney Clausen and it’s about the way certain numbers, like dates and times, can represent some of life’s most significant moments. Moments like your first date, meeting the love of your life and the day your child is born. Those dates and times have real meaning in our lives. I think everyone can identify with that concept.”

“The date that Jason Michael Carroll started working for Cracker Barrel is one of those significant numbers,” said Chris Ciavarra, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Cracker Barrel. “We had no idea when he became one of our new-hire Rising Stars that his music career was about to make him a star in the music industry, too. Adding his album to our music program is like welcoming family back home.”

The single “Numbers” will be available on iTunes April 5. The CD Numbers will be available exclusively at all Cracker Barrel locations July 25, with 12 songs on it, including “Numbers”and “Alyssa Lies” from Jason Michael Carroll’s 2007 album Waitin’ in the Country. “Alyssa Lies” topped at #5 on the Billboard Country Chart and was Carroll’s debut single and the runaway hit that put him on the map.

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