Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Critic's Corner- Miss Willie Brown- Self-Titled EP- CD Album Review

“Four tracks make up Miss Willie Brown’s new EP. Three of the tracks take equal parts janeDear Girls, Pat Benatar and Jason Aldean, blended all together. The result is an uptempo thumpy and sometime bombastic rock collection that throws just enough fiddle in the mix to be called country. Lyrical depth is optional, but harmonies are good and the vocal engagement is strong. The best track on the album is the exception to the rule. “Freeland” is an introspective and thought-provoking torch song about a lonely wife of a deployed soldier who must figure out a way to get along while he’s gone off to fight to protect our nation. She is forced to substitute classic romance movies to cover her lonely nights and the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy return of her husband makes it all the more real. It’s a very strong track that deserves a listen.”
Ken Morton, Jr.
That Nashville Sound

“Like Bomshel and far more recently, The janeDear Girls, the sound is pumping, upbeat and far more rocking. It's bright sounding and lively, but ultimately doesn't cut very deep.”
Jeffrey B. Remz
Country Standard Time

“The duo, which features a pair of fantastically gifted singers in Texas native Kasey and Virginia native Amanda, has gained a higher profile this year as they’ve appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and actually were guests on Adam Carolla’s podcast as well. The duo has a vocal style that’s as powerful as Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland mixed with a bit of Shelby Lynne’s edge for good measure.”
Allen Jacobs

“Snarling. Loud. Swampy. Edgy. Miss Willie Brown’s industry showcase on March 15 at the Rutledge closed with Kasey Buckley on her knees, violently slamming the stage floor with a tam- bourine in a form-fitting, black mini-skirt and boots. It was a wild—and appro- priate—finale for a duo that demonstrated a shockingly unique take on country music that combines West Coast energy levels and punk attitude.”

“The four songs on the EP, produced by Keith Stegall (Zac Brown Band, Alan Jackson, George Strait), has plenty of contemporary funk but is filled with a down-home passion that puts one in mind of queens of country including Loretta Lynn and Reba McEntire. The duo share writing credits on each song and take turns on lead vocals.”
Nancy Dunham

“You will find that these ladies have quite a bit of spunk and personality. That is very apparent on the opening track, the ironically-titled “Sick Of Me.” With an entertaining, thump-heavy beat, and harmonies as high as the clouds, I don’t think any music fan would get tired of these ladies anytime soon! That attitude and sass can also be found on “Couyon Crazy,” which I am sure is one that keeps the fans entertained when they do it live!”
Dan Harr
Music News Nashville


  1. Best new country sound out there right now! Get in on this new group as soon as possible.

  2. These two women make great music that has a beat that you want to hear over and over again. Seen at a recent Dirks Bentley Concert in my hometown of Salina, Ks. Only regreat is I didn't get the CD that had for sale. Where can I find it?