Friday, April 15, 2011

New Music Video From Big Kenny & Jaron & The Long Road To Love- "Beautiful Lies"

"Big Kenny and I got to talking, and I mentioned that I had an idea for a song called 'Beautiful Lies,'" Jaron says. "Before I could even finish my sentence, he grabbed his guitar and began belting out, 'Lie to me, oh lie to me ...' Not wasting any time or wanting to stop his flow, I grabbed my guitar and in no time we were midway through the song."

"In nearly every songwriting session, there is one person who leads and the other person(s) follow and play a more supportive role. Big Kenny was the driver on this one, and I love that I have been able to add a piece of his stylings to my performance. All artists are an amalgamation of the artists they love ... I'm happy to add some more Big Kenny to my mix."

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