Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Steven Curtis Chapman's re:creation To Be Revealed August 9

On August 9, multi-platinum selling artist Steven Curtis Chapman will unveil re:creation, his 17th album release over his iconic 20 + year career.

The new album features five new songs from the five-time GRAMMY Award winner and all new re-imagined recordings of his eight biggest hits. The entire record has a progressive and fresh acoustic sound, which reflects the energy and life found in the songs. The title speaks to the actual recreation of these songs, which are entirely new re-recordings in a new musical space. More and most importantly though, the word recreation speaks to the new life God is now recreating for Chapman and his family as they walk forward in their lives.

In examining how to best recreate some of the songs that made him the most awarded artist in Christian music history, Chapman once again tapped Brent Milligan, whom he worked with on Beauty Will Rise, to co-produce the new project.

“Musically I felt Beauty Will Rise went to a new place for me,” Chapman explains. “It was a more acoustic, more organic recording, and that was something that I felt was really appropriate for this album as well. I write almost all of my songs with just an acoustic guitar. They begin in that organic and stripped down space, but then you get into the studio and the sounds of the day and the technology of that era influence how the songs get recorded. I thought, ‘Wow, I’d love to redo ‘For The Sake Of The Call’ because that song means something different now. It means continuing to live out the call to share our faith in light of all we’ve been through. When I did it originally, it was a big production. The sounds of the drums were real big and there was a lot of reverb and I was thinking, ‘I would love to do that song more the way that I perform it live now.’ I found that since Maria went to heaven, many of the songs that I have written over the years continue to grow in meaning. The heart behind doing this was asking, how can I take some of those songs that have a new depth to me and reinterpret those, recreate those? Thus the title re:creation.”

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