Monday, May 2, 2011

Texas Artist Kristen Kelly Signed To RCA Records

Texas sensation and Lone Star State native Kristen Kelly has signed this last week with RCA Records Nashville. She recently inked her record deal at the Sony Music Nashville offices. Kelly will soon be going into the studio with famed singer-songwriter Paul Overstreet and Grammy award-winning producer Tony Brown.

A bio of the new artist can be found on her site here:

For most people the essential elements of life include things such as oxygen, water, and food. Yet, for the Kristen Kelly and the Modern Day Drifters (2009 GWE Best New Artist and 2010 GWE Band of the Year nominee), music is equally as vital. Kristen and the Drifters are a collection of passionate musicians who have a firm belief in the band concept and yearn to create classic American music. With members from all corners of the country, the band is full of a variety of influences and styles that range from stone cold country to hard rock. The brand of music they have developed is one that that stems from the roots of soul and southern rock, to the front porch of the country. Lyrically, the tales Kristen and the Drifters have to tell are influenced by the hard miles traveled down highways both literal and figurative.

The band is fronted by a dynamic and special lead vocalist in Kristen Kelly. Kelly’s ability to deliver any style of vocal is the groundwork for which the group is founded on. Growing up in a musical family, she draws inspiration from a variety of influences, be it country pioneers such as Emmylou Harris, modern blues wailers such as Susan Tedeschi, or classic bands such as Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. As a dreamer steeped in the realities of the musical education she received from her respected musical mentors at McLennan Community College, Kelly knew exactly what type of band she wanted to form.

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