Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Country Music News Round-Up- Alan Jackson And Dolly Parton Both Release New Singles And More

All the country music news that is fit to print in one little bow-tied blog post this morning...

* Alan Jackson has released his very first single off of his new EMI Records Nashville record deal titled "Long Way To Go." You can listen to it below:

* Dolly Parton has also released her first new single since her last album Backwoods Barbie and played it on the Ellen DeGeneres show. You can stream the audio below:

* Crystal Shawanda, a full-blooded Canadian First Nations country artist from the Ojibwe band, signed a new record deal and will be releasing a brand new single called "Love Enough." She's a That Nashville Sound favorite- can't wait to hear the new single.

* Leighton Meester, star of the feature country film, Country Strong, unveiled a new music video and some new songs in a recent concert event in Los Angeles.

* Soulful southern crooner Marc Broussard released a brand new album yesterday and Matt Bjorke over at Roughstock did an interview with the artist.
"I think it’s the fans as much as it is the music that’s blurring the lines. Because of the accessibility of music these days, people can explore different genres whereas in the past, you’d might go into a record store and just see the country sign on top of the racks and that’s where you’d go. With different tools like iTunes has with ‘reccomendations’ and ‘Genius’ function, people are constantly being sold more stuff. In my opinion it has to do with the way with the stuff is monetized these days as well with the music itself. Especially in country, we see guys like Zac Brown, they’re doing straight up the middle country music which talks about stuff that I love the most about country, those traditional themes like family, talking about your dog and your food. They’re giving us, in my opinion, the best of what country has to offer while others are actively trying to crossover."
* Brad Paisley has two original songs on the upcoming Disney/Pixar film Cars 2. In a feature from USA Today that is accompanied with a video with some music highlights, he talks about being pushed out of his comfort zone and a duet with British pop star Robbie Williams.

* In 1984, Neil Young was sued by his record company, Geffen Records, for making albums it deemed "artistically uncharacteristic." Fed up, Neil Young gathered a band of amazing Nashville musicians he called The International Harvesters, and hit the road. Recordings from those dates have been uncovered with five unreleased Neil Young tunes and have been released this past month in an album called A Treasure. The album is more traditional country than anything he'd done before. In a Chicago Tribune review, "Young's ongoing series of archival releases allows him to have the last word, or at least to frame what he was doing in a clearer context. A Treasure (Reprise) documents his country phase and makes the point that, no matter what his detractors and doubters say, it really wasn't a "phase" at all, but one of his periodic and most fully realized immersions into the genre."

* Trace Adkins announced a brand new album titled Proud To Be Here that will be released on August 2nd. The deluxe edition of the album, available for presale on iTunes on July 12, includes four additional tracks, including a duet with Blake Shelton on "If I Was a Woman," a humorous song Adkins and Beard co-wrote with Sherrie Austin and Jeff Bates.

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