Wednesday, June 22, 2011

That Nashville SoundBites- David Adam Byrnes- Premium Country

That Nashville Sound receives many different CD releases throughout the year from indie, small majors, bluegrass and artists just off the country mainstream radar- or smaller projects like EPs- that we’re doing short mini CD reviews on. We call them That Nashville SoundBites- it’s a feature that will allow us to give some props to some albums and artists that deserve a spotlight on their work.

The Review:
With a neo-traditional sound that leans more honkytonk than modern country, the 23-year-old Byrnes has created a strong independent freshman record that leaves a pretty good personal stamp on mostly universal country themes of heartbreak and loss. The album hosts a couple of Josh Thompson (“Way Out Here” and “Beer on the Table”) co-writes. Byrnes is best when he sticks to the emotional heartache songs or on strong autobiographical songs such as “When I Get There”- a song written about his own Nashville experience. The weak spots are the “I’m country loud and proud” moments that feel like echos of artists too-many-to-count like Thompson. Byrnes has a pleasant steady delivery, if not overly distinctive. Fans of artists like Tracy Lawrence and Tracy Byrd will find this album a welcome addition to their collection. This is an artist worth watching.

Sounds Like:
A cross between Clay Walker and Mark Chesnutt

Stand Out Tracks
When I Get There
When I’m Done Missing You

The Verdict:
Three & A Half Stars Out Of Five

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  1. He reminds me a little of old school Tracy Lawrence.