Thursday, June 2, 2011

That Nashville SoundBites- Marc Broussard- Marc Broussard EP

That Nashville Sound receives many different CD releases throughout the year from indie, small majors, bluegrass and artists just off the country mainstream radar- or smaller projects like EPs- that we’re doing short mini CD reviews on. We call them That Nashville SoundBites- it’s a feature that will allow us to give some props to some albums and artists that deserve a spotlight on their work.

The Review:
Bayou-born Marc Broussard is one of those guys whose vocals don't match the face. With a deep raspy powerhouse voice, Broussard sings soulful passionate blues as good as anyone. His 2004 album Carencro is truly one of the most underrated albums of the last decade. This EP is being released prior to a full album later this year with four new songs. "Lucky" is everything that's great about Broussard. Despite somewhat generic lyrics, this love song is delivered with such strength and with such powerful vocals, it draws you in with its emotional delivery. Amazingly, it is not any different on the last track of the EP, a live version of the same song. If anything, the intimate setting draws you in more. "Could You Believe" is another love song, this one tied to a more worldly "better-the-world" premise in which Broussard does his best Stevie Wonder impression backed by a funk band and horn section. The lone negative? You just want more on this short little album.

Sounds Like:
Combination of Rick Astley voice and Stevie Wonder soul

Stand Out Tracks

The Verdict:
Three & a half stars out of five

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