Friday, July 8, 2011

Glen Campbell's Farewell Album Ghost On The Canvas Gets Artwork & Release Date

Nearly three years in the making, Glen Campbell's final album Ghost On The Canvas has just been given a release date of August 30, 2011. Campbell was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and is out on his final music tour this year. From the press release:
During his 50 years in show business, Campbell has sold 45 million records with hits like "Witchita Lineman, " "Gentle On My Mind, " "Rhinestone Cowboy, " and tons more. Ghost On The Canvas is his "farewell album, " a deep, meaningful look back at his career/life with contributions by the artists he continues to inspire. We re proud to be an integral part of the legendary Glen Campbell s final studio album featuring collaborations with Jakob Dylan, Paul Westerberg, Chris Isaak, Bob Pollard (Guided by Voices), Dick Dale, and Billy Corgan, among others.

Track Listing:
1. A Better Place
2. Ghost On The Canvas - written by Paul Westerberg
3. The Billstown Crossroads
4. A Thousand Lifetimes
5. It s Your Amazing Grace
6. Second Street North
7. In My Arms - featuring Chris Isaak, Dick Dale, and Brian Setzer
8. May 21st, 1969
9. Nothing But The Whole Wide World - written by Jakob Dylan
10. Wild And Waste
11. Hold On Hope - written by Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices)
12. Valley Of The Sun
13. Any Trouble
14. Strong - featuring Dandy Warhols
15. The Rest Is Silence
16. There s No Me...Without You - guitars by Billy Corgan, Marty Rifkin, Rick Nielsen, and Brian Setzer


  1. Glen Campbell is a music legend. If this album is his last, then it is a fine one. "Ghost On The Canvas" is a pretty love song. This song has a relaxed tone with goregous musical arrangements. This song reminds me of a poem with all the different images of ghosts and a wheat field. This tune is very romantic. "A Better Place" is a beautiful song that features Glen playing the acoustic guitar. This is a song about coming to terms with his mortality. It is a song about having a spiritual faith that I like very much.

  2. His farewell album was awesome, why you don't post all the discography of this genius?