Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Album Review- Sonia Leigh- 1978 December - CD Album Review

Armed with Janis Joplin's voice and blessed with a more blues-oriented Sunny Sweeney songwriting sensibility, Leigh's new album is a strong, if slightly uneven, listen. Leigh's edgy voice has the perfect amount of engaging twang that makes it engaging and jukebox-dive perfect. The album is an eclectic mix of blues, funk, swing, country, reggae and plain staight-ahead rock. "Bar" is classic country gold while the Zac Brown duet "Roaming" has an island influence.

But it's that same uneven combination of genres that makes the listener drawn to some songs while pushing away others. Certainly there's something for everyone, but in the process, there are times where it makes it difficult to care for the entire breadth of styles. The wide swath of productions is an adventurous initiative that doesn't always work with this listener.

However, the title track, "1978 December," is one of our favorite tracks of 2011. Acoustically disarmed, the introspective and powerful lyrics use Leigh's birth date as a self-reminder to come out screaming in all she does. It's a metaphor for her life, her music and the music business in general. The bridge in which her mom puts it all in perspective when she relays the real importance at hand, "Girl you just got to eat more." Gritty vocal delivery and bold, disarmingly honest songwriting make this a solid album worth a listen.

☺☺☺ out of five


  1. I recommend that you keep listening to this CD and eventually you will GET IT. It takes a while sometimes to appreciate the finer things in life. The breadth of styles is exactly why this album is sooo refreshing. Kudos for liking "1978 December"

  2. I completely agree--keep listening. There is a song for every day and mood. If it is at possible, see her live--she is fantastic!!

  3. Three 'smiles' out of five? Seriously? And you probably consider yourself an 'expert'.... Sonia rocks. I saw her live and I will forever be a fan, regardless of her radio success or 'critical' acclaim. She is a true artist. As a fan of REAL music I recognize true talent when I hear it and she is the real deal.