Monday, August 22, 2011

The Band honeyhoney Releases Details On Upcoming Album, Billy Jack

The band honeyhoney introduced their distinctive strain of country, folk, bluegrass, jazz, soul and pop with the 2009 album First Rodeo, on the Ironworks label founded by Kiefer Sutherland and Jude Cole. The band has since parted ways with the label (“We asked for a divorce and they kept the kids,” they joke). The band continues its jazzy, twangy, rollicking collaboration between vocalist Suzanne Santo and guitarist Ben Jaffe. Prior to joining the duo, Jaffe recorded music for TV and film; he then met Santo (an actress whose resume included stints on Law and Order and Blind Justice) through a mutual friend, who took Jaffe to see one of Santo's solo gigs. The two began holding informal songwriting sessions and soon discovered a musical partnership. The duo made their studio debut by issuing the Loose Boots EP in early 2008; the musicians then hit the road with Lifehouse (another band on the Ironworks roster) while finding time to work on their debut album. First Rodeo was released later that year, featuring varied influences that ranged from crossover jazz to neo-soul to engaging alt-country. In a letter to their fans released earlier today, they unveil the plans on the new album and upcoming tour:
In September we will be going out on our first headlining tour, the ‘Ten Buck Tour’, with the talented and devastatingly good lookin', Joshua James. Why the ‘Ten Buck Tour’ you ask? Well, because the face value of every ticket is Ten Bucks or less, and cause it just sounds cool (note to fans, we can't control credit card fees or walkups!). We are incredibly excited and titillated at the thought of seeing you all again and sharing with you our soon to be released litter of song puppies, Billy Jack on October 24th . If you like us already, we promise you will like us more and will most likely want to have us over for a meal. Please have us over for a meal. We get so hungry sometimes. (Also we may need a place to sleep.)
Sample off of the album of "Ohio" Live performance of "Don't Know How" Album EPK:

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  1. I caught up with HoneyHoney's Suzanne and Ben in St. Petersburg, Florida -- here's a video interview and live acoustic performance ("Little Toy Gun") you might enjoy, from Mr. Media: