Sunday, August 14, 2011

TNS Video History- Marty Stuart- "Tempted"


  1. This song is very inappropriate for Marty Stuart. The girl was just part of the act, but so misleading. I just wander how Connie Smith must feel. Marty, I hope you don't hurt her again. You're suppose to be a Christian (Christ-Like)and married to a Christian. Please take a hard look at what videos and songs like this can do. A concerned fan.

    1. Wow. You only posted your comment 20 YEARS after the song was Also, don't wander how it made Connie feel, wonder. Plus, do your research before making innane comments. He married Connie in 1997, song came out in 1991, he was single from 1988-1997. Sheesh. Judgmental much??

  2. In response to the previous comment. Please disregard if this is before he married Connie Smith because I just noticed this is history in
    TNS Video history. I am sorry if I offended anyone. Please remove comment if you can.