Friday, October 14, 2011

CD Album Review- Vince Gill- Guitar Slinger

The background-
"I had no expectations of what it would sound like in my home studio," Vince Gill said about making this record. "I've never recorded in my house before. So I discovered an awful lot about how the rooms sound, and it's a real warm record. I don't know what it is, but it's so different than most studios in that there are windows all the way around the room. You look out and see trees. There's such a great spirit running around in the house and in the rooms that all the musicians have raved about the vibe. It's real low key; it's not commercial-feeling at all."

Guitar Slinger is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed four-CD, 43-song box set, These Days, which was certified platinum, won the 2006 Grammy for Best Country Album and received an overall Grammy Album of the Year nomination.

The review-
Click HERE to read my review over at Engine 145. 

Sounds like-
These Days crunched into one single album.

Top tracks-
Old Lucky Diamond Hotel
Threaten Me With Heaven
Bread and Water

The verdict-
Four stars out of five

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