Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Lost Trailers Reunite (Partially) With New David Lee Murphy Penned "Underdog"

"Underdog," the new single release from The Lost Trailers, is starting to pick up steam at country radio stations all across America.  The song co-written by David Lee Murphy, Stokes Neilson and Jason Sever has been in the Top 10 most added country songs for the past two weeks. And that might not normally be big news. But it is from a band that announced this past year that it was done and had broken up for good.

"I'm thrilled to finish playing out the shows on the calendar for our fans; we've been blessed to have their unending support over the years," said former lead singer Ryder Lee last June. "I'm very much looking forward to the next phase of my career."

"We started this band as a bunch of high school friends with a dream of making music, and we've taken that dream to incredible places that have opened a lot of doors for us," Stokes adds. "I look forward to thanking the fans on our tour dates throughout this year; they've always been there for us. I'm excited for the future, continuing to create new music that becomes part of people's lives."

The former quintet is now down to a duo with Neilson and Sever holding the flag for the former band.

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