Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hear It Here: Julie Roberts Shares New Music With "Christmas in Prison"

Julie Roberts made some new music over the last couple of days and decided to share it with her fans. For those that are not aware, Julie has done some incredible work in female prisons volunteering her time for rehabilitation efforts. Consider her a modern-day Johnny Cash in that regard. This was the note on her Facebook page:

"I went into the studio last night to work on music for our next release but this John Prine song called "Christmas In Prison" would not leave my brain! We recorded an acoustic guitar/vocal for you as a gift from me to you!! I hope you enjoy it. Every single time I listen to it I cry because I've been into visit so many inmates. I somewhat feel like I know what they are feeling in there. I love each inmate I have met and wish I could somehow get this song to them. I think music saves them in there. At least that's what they tell me when we visit. I hope y'all like it too! God bless you all!!! Merry Christmas!"


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