Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Country Music Artists At Warner Nashville Share Their Favorite Christmas Memories

Some of the artists over at Warner Nashville sent over some of their favorite Christmas memories and we thought we'd pass them along to our readers to share this holiday season.

The JaneDear Girls

Danelle Leverett (the JaneDear girls)

Any Christmas tradition/food that you love:
I love helping my mom make Christmas sugar cookies:) They are cut out into different shapes like Xmas trees, stars, hearts etc. and decorated with green and red frosting and sprinkles!

Is there a Christmas present you remember being given as a kid:
My parents gave me a ukulele when I was four years old and I loved to carry it with me EVERYWHERE I went!

Susie Brown (the JaneDear girls)
Is there a Christmas present you remember being given as a kid:
"I'll never forget the Christmas when I received my first guitar -- I was 12 yrs. old.  I disappeared into a quiet room with the guitar and emerged about three hours later and played my first song for my family, “Jingle Bells.”  Little did I know, but that present would end up shaping the rest of my life!"

Michael Gossin (Gloriana)
Favorite Christmas Food
Mom’s homemade brownies. My brothers and I called them “reindeer-terds.”

Favorite Christmas Present
My favorite Christmas present as a kid was He-Man action figures

Rachel Reinert (Gloriana)
Christmas tradition/food that you love:
We usually recreate Thanksgiving dinner for Christmas- turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce. The whole shebang!

Is there a favorite Christmas present you remember being given as a kid:
So typical, but I got an Easy Bake Oven as a little girl and I loved it! I wonder if I still have it?

Jana Kramer
Christmas food that you love?
My grandpa’s stuffing! It’s the best!

Is there a favorite Christmas present you remember being given as a kid?
My favorite gift was a fringe jacket. I thought I was Pocahontas when I was a little girl!

Favorite Christmas memory:
My favorite Christmas memory is probably always having euchre tournaments with my family and just hanging out laughing!

Frankie Ballard
Any Christmas tradition/food that you love:
My dad and I always watch “Christmas Vacation” with Chevy Chase. It wouldn't feel like Christmas if we didn't do that every year.

Is there a favorite Christmas present you remember being given as a kid:
Back when I played hockey there was a hockey jacket you would get, a red corduroy jacket, all the kids would get it and put patches on it when they got a hat trick or won a championship. I remember finally getting one and freaking out.


Some of my favorite holiday memories are playing music around the piano at my grandparents’ house on Christmas Day after everyone has opened presents and gotten fat off of my Grandma's cooking.  When I was younger, I would need a little prodding to get my fiddle out, but once it was out, I wouldn't put it away!  My Grandma would sit at the piano, my Grandpa would play stand-up bass, and we would play old Scandinavian tunes and Christmas songs for hours. When I was younger, I didn't realize how special those moments were, but I definitely cherish those memories now.

Damien (THE FARM)Some of my best memories as a child around the Christmas Holiday was singing in church! We would put together Christmas plays and friends and families would be there as we recreated the birth story of Jesus! I remember playing various parts like a star, a goad and even a wise man. I would have to say my favorite was playing the goat! We would drink eggnog after church and my family would all be together. Great times.

Krista (THE FARM)As the holiday quickly approaches, each year at this time, I find my heart a little melancholy. It reminds me of my father, how much I miss him and how wonderful he and my mother always made Christmas. I miss the sound of his accordion and the smell of our family-owned meat market smoking Christmas hams. I was eight-years old, give or take, and Dad decided we'd go out back on our land and I could pick out our tree. He patiently cruised for well over an hour until I had found the perfect one. To this day, I still pick out my own tree and smile, knowing dad is with me.

Brett EldredgeA few years ago my mom asked my brother and I for a new robe for Christmas. Being the jokesters that we are, we got the idea to get a really old gross robe and smeared brown shoe polish on it to make it look gross because we wanted to see how she would react. She opened it and tried to act like she liked it but I couldn't keep from laughing my butt off!  I was laughing so hard I was crying!  Eventually she figured out it was a prank and we went to the other room and brought her a brand new soft, clean robe! I kept the robe for Halloween and dressed up like 'Cousin Eddy' from Christmas Vacation!

Big & Rich- Big Kenny Is there a Christmas present you remember being given as a kid:
The greatest gift I've ever received is a letter from my Dad a few years back.  He spoke of all of his memories of my life through my ups and downs. He told me he was proud and loved me through it all and his greatest words come in the last paragraph, ' at Peace with yourself, be at Peace with everyone around you and most important be at Peace with God.' "

Is there a holiday treat that reminds you of Christmas:
My grandmother would always make homemade Fruit Cakes.  They were as dense as an energy bar and chewy as beef jerky. I miss my Grandmas and Christmas always brings their tremendous strong spirits back so close to my heart.

Any Christmas traditions you plan to share with your kids:
I will never forget being about the age of my boys now (6 and 2) and sitting on my Daddy's lap and watching Berl Ives version of 'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer'.  And I'm gonna love on my kids as much as I can and watch it with them again this year.

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