Friday, December 9, 2011

Ray Wylie Hubbard Announces New Album & New Memoirs

Yesterday, legendary Texas singer/songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard announced that he will be releasing a new album called The Grifter's Hymnal in 2012. In an interview at Engine 145 earlier this year, Hubbard detailed the background story on where and how it was being recorded:

(It is being recorded at) the Festival Hill Music Conservatory in Round Top, Texas. We’re going to the Edythe Bates Old Chapel. You can Google it and see it at Edythe Bates Old Chapel. It’s this church that was built in La Grange, Texas in the 1800’s and they moved it to this music conservatory. They have all these conductors and students from all over the world come and study classic music here. They’ll have a string quartet or someone from the Philadelphia Philharmonic Symphony come down and teach. We’re going to go over there and record with George Reiff who has played bass forever and worked with Jakob Dylan. He produced the last record and has played bass on the last three records. And of course we’ll have Rick Richards who has played drums on all of my records plus all the cool records coming out of Austin. Slaid Cleaves. Gurf Morlix. Kevin Welch. The list is endless. He’s just a great drummer for that crazy Austin Americana sound. And we’re going in with Audley Freed who has worked with the Black Crowes and the Dixie Chicks. He’s going to do some guitar-work and that will be kind of the foundation of the group. We’re going to go in with those guys and record. I’m hoping the spirit of that place will allow that.
In his Facebook post yesterday, he also mentioned that he is working with Thom Jureck on a new memoirs project. That one does not currently have a timeline associated with it. Here is that post from yesterday:

hello fine people,

here is what I have been up to in case you were wondering. i am am in the middle of mixing the new record with george reiff. the musicians who played on the record are rick richards, george reiff, audley freed, billy cassis, lucas hubbard, ian mclagann, ringo starr and brad rice. javi garcia is doing his voodoo magic on the album artwork. the 12 songs were recorded at edith old chapel at festival hill in round top, tx and the finishing school in austin. we're gonna call it "the grifter's hymnal", got a ring to it., huh?
working on my memoirs with thom jureck, gigging and digging twitter for some reason. gave john david kent a old pair of rough out boots.
safe travels and have a merry whatever,  ray wylie

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