Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tanya Tucker And Sunny Sweeney Each Release New Holiday Singles

Legend Tanya Tucker and Sunny Sweeney each individually released new holiday singles this week.

Tucker's "Merry Christmas Wherever You Are" is the perfect soundtrack for the American Holiday Season. Christmas has always been Tanya's favorite holiday and plans on putting together a full length Christmas record next year.

Tanya offers, "With so many troops deployed overseas and with the economy being such that people are having to relocate to find work, recording this track was a very personal and emotional experience. Also, when I recorded that vocal, I was thinking of all the parents who had missing children and all the children who no longer had a parent to share this very special time."

The new Tucker single can be streamed partially here.

Sweeney's isn't as warm and fuzzy but no less interesting. She has released "One More Christmas Beer" on her Republic Nashville music label.

Says Sweeney, "Hey!! Is your family crazy?? Do you "really" enjoy the holidays? LOL... Well, we wrote a little XMAS song called "One More Christmas Beer" to cheers to all the dysfunction going on in this world... My family members names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent... LOL Buy yourself a copy and buy one for granny too.

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