Sunday, January 22, 2012

Previously Unreleased John Denver Song Sees The Light Of Day

John Denver, best known for his 1970's folk-country smashes "Sunshine on My Shoulders," "Take Me Home, Country Roads," "Leaving on a Jet Plane" and "Rocky Mountain High," has a new song that is seeing the light of the day 15 years after his death.

"The Wandering Soul (Love Is the Answer)," written in the early 1990's by Denver, was performed once live but never tracked in a studio. It is understood to be the final song written by the musician. John Denver fan and Oregon author-filmmaker-musician James Twyman has recently recorded the song and has made it into a new music video you can watch below.

"I was immediately moved," Twyman wrote in an e-mail to fans, "not just because it was significant that he never had the chance to share the song [through a studio recording], but because it was one of the best, most spiritual songs he ever wrote."


  1. The song is among the 228 songs on the ASCAP database for John Denver as a songwriter. It has the work ID number 88118176. There are higher work ID numbers for other Denver songs so "The Wandering Soul" may not be the last song he wrote. Denver's first big hit "Take Me Home Country Roads" had the number 500207118. Don't know how ASCAP assigns work ID numbers so I can't draw any definite conclusions since the numbers are not provided with a date.

  2. Personally, I like the song. Always been a big John Denver fan.

  3. The last known song of JD was "Yellowstone, Coming Home" written a month or so before his death. You can see the progress of making this song in the video "Let This Be a Voice", released i 1998.