Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That Nashville Soundbites- Katya Chorover- Big Big Love

That Nashville Sound receives many different CD releases throughout the year from indie, small majors, bluegrass and artists just off the mainstream radar- or smaller projects like EPs- that we’re doing short mini CD reviews on. We call them That Nashville SoundBites- it’s a feature that will allow us to give some props to some albums and artists that deserve a spotlight on their work.

The Review:
There are albums that can lull you to sleep with repetitiveness and boredom. And there's others that act like one big lullaby, soft and sweet like a comfy down pillow. This album by Chorover is the latter. She pulls in some of the natural beauty of her surrounding Northwest mountains on titles like "Little Bird" and "Brother Flower." Each track has an comforting rhythm and draws on a little bluegrass influence. She even draws in a trumpet into the inspiring track "Cavalries of Love." Graceful. Poetic. Delicate. And all draped in acoustic roots. It's a great independent effort.

Stand-out tracks- "Little Bird" and "Possession"

Three stars out of five

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