Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rebecca Lynn Howard Invites Fans To Catch Her In Her Pajamas

Rebecca Lynn Howard is known best for her smash hit single "Forgive" and her three country albums that have all been received well critically. Perhaps you've caught her in one of her nearly 100 appearances on the Grand Ole Opry as a guest star, usually doing some classic country covers from one of the Opry's leading legends of the day. What you haven't seen, however, is Howard performing from her home in her pajamas. But that can all change next Tuesday, February 13 at 7pm Central time.

Utilizing a new web-based technology called StageIt (along with a number of other artists as well), Howard has scheduled a live streaming concert that will be filmed straight from her own home. She's calling it her Pajama Show.
"This is my first show! It's called the Pajama Show, because i will be showing up in my "jammies"! I'm so excited! See you soon!"
For those fans that would like to pony up the $5 and see her play live, click HERE and make your reservation.  

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