Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pop & Country Singer Nick Noble Passes Away

Nick Noble was an American pop and country singer who was born in Chicago. He was best known for his recordings of "The Tip of My Fingers" and "Moonlight Swim". Born Nicholas Valkan, Noble was popular in the mid-1950s, and he scored four hits on the newly-created Billboard pop charts between 1955 and 1957. His singles remained popular in Chicago and nationwide in the early 1960s, with his 1962 cover of Carl Belew's "Hello Out There" reaching the Top 15. He regained national chart status in 1978 with the country and easy listening hit "Stay With Me". He also recorded for Coral, and Columbia and during his career recorded 109 singles and four albums.

 Noble died on March 24, 2012, aged 85.


  1. I didn't know Nick in his first carrier as a singer entertainer, but I new him in his second carrier as a restauranteur at Lew Mitchell's on Jackson Avenue in Chicago.

    During the 70's and 80's, a few patrons friends and I would have a cup or two of coffee and solve all the problems of the day and Nick would council the lot of us.

    Nick was a good friend and I'll always remember him and his little gift of Milk Duds to all the Ladies that stood in line waiting for a table.

    He's in a better place now, singing a song and keeping everyones coffee cup full.

  2. I am in the processing of having some of my old LPs put on disc. I am especially enjoying all over again one LP I had of NIcks. I did see him in Winnipeg in the 70's and we had the privilege of chatting with him. His rendition of "I don't want to walk without you" was played by a local radio station every night while he spent time in hospital in a coma from a horrific accident. He remembers hearing it and Nick did sing it again for us when we saw him. I will now order a few more of his CDs which I don't have.

  3. He being my husband who was in hospital - sorry

  4. Maybe this is duplicate but the he in my comment was my husband - sorry.