Friday, April 13, 2012

Country Music News Round-Up- Josh Turner, Alan Jackson, Taylor Swift and More

  • “Johnny and June” singer Heidi Newfield has signed with a new label called Sidewalk  Records and will have new music forthcoming soon.
  • Josh Turner debuted his new music video for his new Top 20 single “Time is Love.” Turner also announced that he will be releasing his next album on 6/12 and will call it Punching Bag. "I spent two years building my writer's cottage. Once it was finished I was immediately in there writing songs. In total, I've written 27 songs in there and eight of those ended up on the record," says Josh. "My hero and friend, John Anderson, was sitting across the table from me one day when we were writing and said, 'What will really be a great day is when the songs you write here end up paying for this place!'"
  • Taylor Swift wrote a song with Justin Beiber for his new album.
  • Alan Jackson announced that he will be releasing his newest project called Thirty Miles West on 6/5. "There's this highway that's been in existence for forever now – it's called the Dixie Highway and it runs from north of Michigan all the way down to South Florida, and I wrote a song about it that's on the album. I grew up on Highway 34 outside of Newnan, Georgia, and that's where we came up with Thirty Miles West. I think we were about thirty miles west of the official part of the Dixie Highway that runs through Georgia."
  • Texas bad-ass Billy Joe Shaver will release a new album called Live at Billy Bob’s Texas on 7/17. “I’m still writing as good as I always have,” says Shaver, who claims no secret behind his lauded craftsmanship. “I don’t even know it myself. It’s a gift, I swear. I never tried to hone my talents or anything like that. It’s always been like breathing in and out to me.” He does offer one basic tenet for writing good songs: “Simplicity don’t need to be greased.”

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