Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tyler and Amanda Wilkinson Form Small Town Pistols

Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson both will be remembered by country fans as 2/3 of the band that made the country hit "26 Cents" so popular back in 1998. That family band, The Wilkinsons (with their father, Steve Wilkinson), produced several albums before daughter Amanda went solo and son Tyler teamed up with his friends to form, rock group, Motion Picture Ending.

In 2011, Amanda set about writing for a new solo album and called up her brother and told him he needed to get himself to Nashville to help her write.  The writing session took a new life of its own and a new duo was born from the visit.

From that collaboration came Small Town Pistols (named for their Great-Grandma Ida, to whom Amanda is forever being compared, "You're just like Grandma Ida...she was a real pistol!")

Says Amanda, "Small Town Pistols feels 100%.  It’s the closest I've been to musically fulfilled in a long time.  Not that I didn't enjoy my solo process, but, there was still always an element throughout it that I didn't feel like I had full say.  I loved that record.  But it was a bit like pulling teeth through some of it (in order to get the end result.)  With Small Town Pistols we have full say.  But we also have invested a lot more.  This is our baby!  And I still hold to the fact that nobody can sing like family.  As blessed as we were to have that journey as The Wilkinsons…to be able to sing with, and hear my bro in full force like this, it’s like nothing else."


  1. cute interview, very real and revealing! thanks for this great post. Love the sound of their material. Sounds like they really have found their own sound.
    Ashton Lane like the little live clip of them singing, sounding great! ( for 5 free songs)

  2. amazing, truly amazing it gets 2 me every time u guys open your mouths wow, is all i gotta say and good work, i know it took a lot of hard work. i saw your tv show, u guys have came a long long way but thank god and the worlds not colour blind at all love u guys.