Sunday, June 24, 2012

Exile Reunites With New Five Song EP

The band Exile launched across the music business way back in 1978 with the rock pop ballad hit "Kiss You All Over." After a couple of minor subsequent pop hits, they switched genres in 1983 and became an extremely successful country music group. Between then and the early 1990s, the band had several country chart hits, including ten number one like "Woke Up in Love", "I Don't Want to Be a Memory", "Give Me One More Chance", "Crazy For Your Love", "She's a Miracle", "Hang On to Your Heart", "I Could Get Used to You", "It'll Be Me", "She's Too Good to Be True" and "I Can't Get Close Enough".

I missed it earlier this year, but the group has just released a brand new EP called People Get ReadyThe 5-cut mini-album features four new songs written by the band and a hush-inspiring a cappella rendition of the Curtis Mayfield title cut.  (See track listing below.) People Get Ready is on Exile’s own Big Horse Records label (a nod to the band’s Kentucky origin). Exile has struck a distribution partnership with GMV Nashville for distribution. 

"It was a strange set of circumstances. Our former tour manager had gotten hurt on a motorcycle, and Sonny LeMaire called everybody and said 'We need to go back home,' which is Lexington, KY to do a fund raiser to help him out. We raised about $40,000 that night. It was just wonderful," he said of the experience. Playing together live brought out some familiar magic, according to Goetzman. "What we had not counted on was how much fun we had on stage after all those years. We just looked at each other and said 'We've got to keep doing this."

People Get Ready track listing:

1.“Bread On The Table” (Sonny LeMaire, Shane Minor, J. P. Pennington)
2.“It’s Gotta Be You” (Sonny LeMaire, J. P. Pennington)
3.“There You Go Again” (Sonny LeMaire, Clay Mills, J. P. Pennington)
4.“I Can’t Be Your Fool” (Larry Cordle, J. P. Pennington, Les Taylor)
5.“People Get Ready” (Curtis Mayfield)

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