Monday, June 11, 2012

Fab Four June- A Quartet of Things TNS Is Digging

Coyote Grace
This is another in our relatively new monthly feature that is going to highlight four new, new to me, or recently rediscovered items that have made my own personal country music ESPN highlight reel over the last month. It follows up on lists from February and March. Some will be singles, some might be albums and some just might be a live performance or two. It’ll be a little look inside the head of this mad-about-country-music-man.

And away we go...

1. Coyote Grace- "Kansas"

Armed with a bevy of acoustic instruments from guitar and upright bass to banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and accordion, California-based Coyote Grace’s Joe Stevens, Ingrid Elizabeth and Michael Connolly shine on this stand-out trace from their most recent album, Now Take Flight. The album reminds immensely of The Rankin Family... and we love us some Rankin Family. "Kansas" is at once sultry, sexy and stalky. "Do you like me? Do you find me creepy? Do I scare the sh** out of you?" It's also genius.

2. Dean Brody- "Leilah"

Dean Brody, the reigning Canadian Country Music Association Artist of the Year, just released a strong album called Dirt up north. The last track is a doozy. A good doozy. He's written a song called "Leilah" that is the story of a young Brazilian girl exploited in the sex trade. The funds from the song are being sent to UNICEF to help in the rescue and prevention of young girls exploited in child prostitution and human trafficking in Brazil and around the world- as well as to provide a place of safety and refuge where girls can receive counseling, rehabilitation, hope, healing, and when possible - justice.

3. Brett Eldredge- "One Mississippi"

Brett was one of our gracious volunteer performers at our Golf & Guitars Children's Charity Concert last month in Sacramento and not only he wickedly funny, but as this song attests, incredibly soulful as well. This performance is almost identical to his commanding performance on our stage.

4. Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard- "Horse Called Music"

Think of this as "Pancho and Lefty" revisted. Two legends, still at the top of their game, singing about life laments. It's the stand-out track on Willie's new album released last month, Heroes.

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