Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sarah Buxton Unveils New Band With Skyline Motel

Country fans are most-likely very familiar with the singer/songwriter Sarah Buxton but not neccessarily her brand new band, Skyline Motel. Sarah had a couple of mid-level hits of her own with "Space" and "Outside My Window," wrote "Stupid Boy" and "Put You In a Song" for Keith Urban and is the lovely vocals behind David Nail on "Let It Rain."

Her new group is a collaborative effort that combines the talents of local artists Daniel Tashian, Kate York, and Ian Fitchuk along with Buxton. York has released three independent albums and has worked as an engineer and songwriter for over a decade in Nashville. Tashian has been a staff writer for Universal Music, Windswept Pacific/ Bug and is currently published by Big Yellow Dog Music in Nashville TN.  He was signed as an artist for Elektra records in the late 90′s and made one major label LP with T. Bone Burnett. Futchuk is another longtime Nashville grinder acting as a producer, writer, songwriter and musician for many years in town. They just recently unveiled themselves to the folks at BMI and at The Basement in downtown Nashville. Take a listen to one of their first songs, "Sleep With Me."

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