Thursday, August 16, 2012

Billy Ray Cyrus, Jake Owen and Ricky Skaggs All Unveil New Album Releases

Two of country music's veterans and one up-and-comer all unveiled upcoming projects this week. Billy Ray Cyrus, Ricky Skaggs and Jake Owen each will have new album releases in the next couple of months.

Ricky Skaggs will release his Country and Bluegrass album, Music To My Ears, September 25 on Skaggs Family Records. Produced by Skaggs and Gordon Kennedy, Music To My Ears takes on older Bluegrass standards including “Soldier’s Son,” co-written by and featuring Barry Gibb. Also on the album, is “Tennessee Stud,” a special tribute for the late Doc Watson; “New Jerusalem,” a new instrumental written by Skaggs; and “You Can’t Hurt Ham,” with lyrics inspired by Bill Monroe, co-written by Kennedy and Skaggs.

Jake Owen is trying to extend the fun in the sun with his new EP, Endless Summer. The project is coming out September 25 with four new songs designed to capture that fun-in-the-sun feeling.

He says, “It’s been a year since I’ve put an album out. I’ve got people that really want to hear new music, so I just started recording some songs that really kind of gave that summer vibe, that summer feel.”

Jake’s Endless Summer EP includes a collaboration with his buddies Florida Georgia Line on their song “Summer Jam.”

“It’s got a cool kind of little flow to it on the verses and the big chorus,” Jake says of “Summer Jam.”  “It’s got a ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ feel to it for sure, which kind of, that’s what kind of drew me to the song.”

Jake also included a cover of singer/songwriter Ben Harper‘s song “Steal My Kisses,” and Jake says his version has “a cool, little beatboxy kind of thing” going on.

Mr. "Achy Breaky Heart," Billy Ray Cyrus, has announced that he has changed his mind. Cyrus announced via Twitter that his 13th – and likely final – studio album is set to be released on 10/23. It will be titled Change My Mind.

Cyrus says in an interview with The Boot, “This music of this next album- if anybody wonders what was my life like between October [2010] and April [2011]- it’s going to be very well documented because this album is it. It’s my life.”

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