Monday, August 13, 2012

Jerrod Niemann Set To "Free The Music" In October

For Jerrod Niemann, ten is a magic number. He began performing at the young age of ten, was nominated as the ACM New Artist Of The Year after ten years of songwriting in the music business, and Monday night, signed autographs for a full ten hours after his Fan Club Party at the 2012 CMA Festival. Now, the platinum-selling, "Lover, Lover" hit-maker will release his sophomore major label album release, Free The Music, in the tenth month, on October 2 (on Sea Gayle Records/Arista Nashville).

"Free The Music is an album where I wanted to do just that," says Niemann. "It's a project honoring many different layers and colors that have appeared in the country genre since recorded music began."

It took Niemann a full two years to record Free The Music, but he wanted to record it from a non-traditional standpoint, regardless of time. He used brasswind horns throughout, and had his live band lay down the tracks instead of hiring studio musicians. Moreover, he used a recording technique called The Clasp during the production of each song on the record.

Once again joining forces with Dave Brainard (Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury) who co-produced the new album with him in Nashville, Niemann's unique musical flare is evident on the entire record, especially the song "Real Women Drink Beer," (which is the theme of many of his merch items). Blending two extremes: rockabilly and reggae together, Niemann created a sound that sounds well, very much like country.

Niemann co-wrote the new album's first single, "Shinin' On Me," with friends Lee Brice, Rob Hatch and Lance Miller, and he also collaborated with guest vocalist Colbie Caillat on the soulful ballad, "All About You."

Track Listing:

1. Free the Music (Jerrod Niemann)
2. Whiskey Kind of Way (Jerrod Niemann, Randy Boudreaux)
3. Get On Up (Jerrod Niemann, J.R. McCoy, Jesse Clingan)
4. I'll Have to Kill the Pain (Jerrod Niemann, J.R. McCoy, Arlos Smith)
5. Only God Can Love You More (Jerrod Niemann, Jon Stone, Lee Brice)
6. Shinin' on Me (Jerrod Niemann, Rob Hatch, Lee Brice, Lance Miller)
7. Honky Tonk Fever (Jerrod Niemann)
8. Guessing Games (Jerrod Niemann, J.R. McCoy)
9. It Won't Matter Anymore (Jerrod Niemann, Rob Hatch, Lance Miller)
10. I'm All About You [featuring Colbie Caillat] (Jerrod Niemann, Richie Brown)
11. Real Women Drink Beer (Jerrod Niemann, Houston Phillips)
12. Fraction of a Man (Jerrod Niemann)

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  1. The Tuesday giveaways up until the release was such a good idea!! Can't wait for Free The Music to come out!! October 2nd, y'all!!