Friday, August 24, 2012

JT Hodges Autographed Album Giveaway

Between now and the end of August, follow That Nashville Sound either through email or Facebook (links are the right) and be entered to win one of two autographed debut albums from Show Dog Records/Universal artist JT Hodges. This album is a very strong debut, consisting of a unique sound slightly reminiscent of Elvis and Steve Holy's early work.

Country fans are wanting to hunt Hodges down lately- especially after getting a listen to this undeniable summer hit single. In a rollicking song that recalls a hot night in Memphis, Hodges sings: “She said, ‘Look me up when you get back to town.’” His answer: “’Look you up?’ I said. ‘Hell, I’m gonna hunt you down!’” Semi-stalking never sounded so steamy. Besides “Hunt You Down,” there’s plenty more to be pursued in JT Hodges. The singer/songwriter worked with a trio of top producers—Mark Wright, Don Cook, and Mark Collie—who collaborated for the first time to bring their find to the public. Those aren’t the only Nashville “names” putting their imprint on this freshman effort: Hodges’ co-writers include top veterans like Rivers Rutherford and Chris Stapleton. Vince Gill even adds his harmony vocal and a guitar solo to one ballad.

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