Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bryan White Launches New Album Project On Kickstarter

Bryan White, best known for his late 90's smashes "Someone Else's Star" and "Rebecca Lynn," has launched a brand new album project and he's looking to his country music fans to help with the process. As many indie recording artists have done, White has created a Kickstarter account where fans can help prefund the album. In White's case, a simple ten dollar donation will get you one of the finished albums. $25 will get you one of them autographed. If you're so inclined, a $10,000 donation will get you a private concert in your choice of location. In fact, country music stars including Rascal Flatts, Neal McCoy, LeAnn Rimes have put together a video of support for Bryan's new project.


In White's own words:
I want to make amazing new sounds in an organic way. I plan to make my 9th studio album without the help of a record label... 
I have been blessed over the past 18 years to be smack dab in the middle of what I love doing, making music. Because of my family, friends, and especially the fans, I've seen my wildest dreams become a reality. I've experienced so much and am grateful. I've recorded many albums under the umbrella of labels. While very grateful, I am also excited to be into a new chapter of my life. Somewhere free from someone looking over my shoulder during my creative and most vulnerable process. I am proud to announce to my fans about my 1st Kickstarter project! I'm thrilled to be finally making a record that they too can be involved in! Really involved in! I am asked every day.... Literally every day, "Where have you been? Where did you go? When are you gonna make new music?" Well, here's the answer... My goal with this record, is to find the "Inner-kid" again. To approach this new music letting God lead and getting completely out of the way of the music that wants to happen. While that will be a major challenge for me, as I have been through much hardship, in the area of being hyper-crytical of myself, regarding singing, and my music, I believe it's possible! I gladly accept the challenge!! The funds raised will help us to pay musicians, engineers, the studios, and everything else that goes into it. Anything exceeding our budget will be used for promotion and whatever else it takes to get this record off the ground and out to the four corners of the world! I am humbled at your support and am stirred to think of what this process might be like and just what may come out of it! 
For fans that are interested in participating in the album at the grassroots level, click HERE to learn more.

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